Posted on 17 Aug 2019

FitFarms weight loss and fitness schedule

darwin lakeThe FitFarms residential weight loss and fitness retreat programme has never looked so exciting with new exciting and challenging exercise like HIITSTEP to a retro sports day including old favourites like the sack race, relays  and egg and spoon race.

The FitFarms weight loss and fitness retreat promises to be challenging but always manageable. Below is the first two days schedule which is going to be fun and challenging.

It all starts off when guests arrive at 5.00 pm by car or by opting for the FitFarms fitness retreat free transfer service from the local station.

Then at 6.00pm there is a welcome talk that is taken by Louise where she puts guests at ease and goes through the schedules and general information on the programme. This is followed by an ice breaker workout which is an introduction to aerobics. We then go into Dinner which has been created by Dean the FitFarms chef. Dean served a delightful salmon with cherry tomatoes and kale dish wish was well received by the guests.

The First Day at the holistic weight loss boot camp

It's an early start at 6.00pm for the individual health assessments which take approximately 10 minutes per person covering body fat, weight, basal metabolic rate, mass muscle density and body mass index. Then we are into breakfast followed by circuits and HIITSTEP taken by Louise.

It's then a well deserved lunch which is Italian meat balls or falafel for the vegetarians. We choose they dishes because they are what's called complete protein which means they both hold the 9 essential amino acids the building blocks to protein.

The afternoon is always looked forward to as we do the first walk which takes around 3 hours through the local forest. Then we have a post walk stretch followed by dinner and the last exercise session of the day being kettlebells. It's a quick herbal tea and then a tired hop into bed as everyone looks forward to the next day.

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