Posted on 20 Sep 2015

FitFarms Update: Latest Programmes and Plans for 2016

Well it's September and everyone has that back to school feeling, the days are certainly shorter and yes even us here at the glamping holistic fitness boot camp would say that when it's colder and darker it is a little bit tougher to get motivated. However that feeling doesn't last for long as we know from working in the fitness industry and helping lots of people over the years it's a lifestyle change. This means people have lifestyles in winter as well as summer so if you are feeling like getting comfy with nibbles or a glass of wine every evening of the week then try and resist. Remember the 80 - 20 rule over the winter period and you'll keep straight on track.

Here at / we like to always look ahead at new exciting opportunities for us and our guests. This year we launched FitFarms Camp at Worcestershire which has been extremely popular. There are already plans to launch FitFarms Camp in London and a seaside location for 2016. Working out on a beach in a FitFarms Camp environment is going to be fun and really inspirational to help with our guests weight loss and fitness goals.

There's also some more really great company news in the way that FitFarms is going to run a profit free or charity programme for children in the UK. We will be concentrating on getting that same healthy message that we deliver on our adult courses but in an even more fun environment.

There is another programme in the pipeline which is called FitFarms For Family. This is our residential programme but directed towards families. There will be a lot of emphasis on working out together as a family group, support and education.

Last but not least FitFarms Personal will be opening at the end of this year. So what's this? Well this is the brainchild of Andrew Baker our operations leader. FitFarms Personal is a service which we are going to offer to guest that have been to FitFarms which enables you to have a one to one day with a FitFarms trainers. The programme will be detailed and tailored to your needs and best of all we come to you!

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