Posted on 21 Apr 2017

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 7

Stop wishing start doingWell, the Fitness Course at Dorset has just finished and guess what?????? I’m only flying straight to Spain to start my second week at the FitFarms Spain Course!!! Exciting or what, mainly because its one place I’ve never been......

I can honestly say, the journey to Bristol Airports was a funny one. Andy was leading, I was in the middle followed by Stephen in a Jeep that had a mind of its own when it wants to move or not!! Lost Stephen a few times but I thought he’s was just driving slow. That’s not saying we was driving fast but...... we did need to make our flight lol.

We got parked up on the airport car park as we checked in and handed our keys over before I made our was to departures. Exciting times ahead, I could feel it in my bones, or that may have been the cold as it was FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFREEZIN!!!!

Anyway, we made our way around as Stephen got the coffees in as a was gagging for one to be honest with how rushed we were to get from Dorset to Bristol Airport.

We were waiting for Georgia to meet us there as she was coming as part of the Fitness Team which by the way was Me, Andy, Georgia and Stephen to make sure the Spain Fitness Course ran smoothly.

All checked in ok and made our way to the Air Craft. Talk about a cattle market! Its was sooooooo busy but hey hoo I didn’t care as I was going to...... SPAIN!

Flight went well, was taking loads of pics out off the window and took quite a few pics of the Alps which but the way looked gorgeous as Stephen was messing about on his BlackBerry on my right and Andy making beautiful music NOT to my left. Yes, I was squashed in the middle he he.

One the other side of the plane there was lovely Georgia sat with some very strange men. But, she was only listening to her music with her eyes closed so she says, yeah, whatever she’s was a kip but, I’ve never seen someone hold on to their Laptop as tight as she did. True talent. Well done cocka

I was warned my Andy that the landing is sometimes hard and he’s wasn’t joking! My backside came through my mouth, talk about a hard landing....

Anyhow, we got to Spain in one peace and started to head out to collect our rental cars. But first, we needed food!!!! Stephen pottered always to sort the cars out and we had a little mooch around.

Cars sorted so that mean one thing, lets get to the FitFarms Spain Villa YEAHHHHHHH.....

I’m not going in to this but....... Stephens driving in a different country is truly a eye opener that’s all I will say but, it did get A BIT better... Not much, But a bit he he he.

We needed dinner so we stopped off at the harbour and walked to a lovely Cafe where we had out food outside. I had a beautiful bit of Lamb in a way I’ve never had before and a coffee that hit the spot just where I needed it.....

We had been given the news that we couldn’t get in to the villa until Saturday morning so Stephen booked us in to a really nice hotel. The view from my window was fantastic as I was right on the sea front. The sound of the sea coming on the beach was beautiful and as made even better at night, stunning.

That night, we all had a walk around and had a few Fitness Team Drinks (me coffee and fruit juice as I don’t drink) and lots of laughs and that’s when I really started to see myself as a part of the FitFarms Fitness Team and it was a great feeling. Loved it.

Me and Georgia went back to the hotel as we were soooooo tired as the to lads had a few more drinks before they headed back to the hotel.

Next morning I looked out of the window and saw Georgia sat reading her book in the sun and the sea front. The Lads where meant to meat outside at a certain time I,e 9am but guess what....... no sign of them so, I said I’m just gonna pop up and see how they are. There were both dead on their beds, Andy still fully clothed and Stephen well, all I could see was his bald head sticking out from the covers. A lovely sight I must say he he.....

It was time to get the show on the road and get to the Spain Course venue for the Fitness Camp Week.

I was feeling so excited about the week and seeing what guests we have arriving later that day.

Lets see what the day holds.....


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