Posted on 14 Apr 2017

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 6

spain fitfarms march 2017Thursday at FitFarms Spain was great day because of the great mix of exercise. Today was also the day when we did the port rock face walk which out of all the walks has the best views.

First up at 7.30 AM is body combat with our new super trainer Jason. There were kicks and punches whilst are 16 ladies and 1 man became very physical by poolside. Jason has a dance background so every now and again he would take the group in and out of a little dance just to mix things up.

When body fat had finished we all went into Bob's breakfast. I would like to say a great thank you to Bob because every meal we have had a great tasting sensation. He really does make healthy food exciting and fun!

Then it's the walk. Some people have not been looking forward to it because there is a steep hill at the beginning and this really lifts the heart rate and makes muscles fatigue quite quickly. We leave the villa at 9:15 AM and make our way down to the port through the quiet market streets of Javea.

Once at the port we meet Stephen (me) who tops everyone up with water before they tackle the hill. We always give options at FitFarms making every task that we do during the day manageable but also challenging. I must say I was surprised when the options were given and everyone said yes I want to do the hill. There was one lady who ummed a little bit but then said yes I'm here for the challenge. She had a minor knee problem a few years ago so was a little concerned that she may start but could not finish. When re-assured that a safety vehicle will be driving up and down the hill she became more confident. We forgot to mention it was me driving the safety vehicle so there was actually even more chance of injury now!

One group made it all the way to the top which is fantastic. The others were picked up when they reached their limits which is their own individual finish points. However the lady who ummed at the beginning went to the top which was simply amazing. It just goes to show what you can do when you start and it's usually the not starting which is the major hold back when gauging individual success. Well done Tina the views and you were breathtaking!

When we arrived back at the villa it was lunch time and once again Bob did us proud. Mixed Paella which consist of chicken, fish, vegetables and rice that is cooked in chicken stock. Very tasty!

The afternoon was action packed full of exercise sessions and a programmes workshop showing people how to devise their own programmes.

It was a great day had by all and the guests are asking questions about tomorrow which is a great sign as they are being keen and interested ‎in exercise and nutrition. Lifestyles are changing before our eyes!

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