Posted on 18 Sep 2016

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp in September

September in Spain.. It's here again!

fitness camp spain I'm very excited at the idea of flying out to camp Spain in a few weeks for our second time this year, the last one was such a massive success with the clients having thoroughly enjoying themselves and the energy throughout the week being amazing, we had evening walks by some beautiful coastline, we had extraordinary food from our local chef, We had the most amazing weather!... We had a great time! So I cannot wait to go back and do it all again.

Above all else what made this week great was the way the group took to the idea we are trying to promote, the concept that anyone can and indeed should enjoy exercise and activity and do it only to the extent they enjoy and in the way they enjoy it. It's the main reason we consider ourselves a fitness camp and not a boot camp. Not because there is anything wrong with boot camps, they work and they work very well but not everyone is in the right place for that approach but everyone could be if they wished.

As a fitness camp we look at not pushing everyone to their physical limits (just those that ask for it! ;-)..) but helping everyone see this lifestyle change in a more multipurpose full way for some it's achieving the summer body for others it's improving mobility for many in between it's finding something manageable and achievable. In a lot of ways this works so much better in Spain because, well; it's a holiday! The whole attitude, mood and environment is different from home and people respond really well to it. So if your reading this before flying out to meet us in Alicante I hope your looking forward to your stay with FitFarms at fitness camp Spain, be prepared for hard work, good food and lots of questions.

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