Posted on 28 Dec 2019

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Festive Greetings

seasons54Merry Festive Period to everyone and we hope you’re having a fantastic time celebrating with your family and friends.

I’m going to through this point in really early because it’s perfectly normal to overeat and drink over the Christmas and New Year. Whatever happens don’t think that you’ve messed everything up all you need to know is that you’ve you’ve got to jump back on the healthy wagon at some point. This some point can be tomorrow 2nd, 3rd or even mid January, probably best not to leave it until Summer but as long as you jump back on you’ll reach your goals.

FitFarms Weight loss retreat next year is looking very healthy! We’re re opening in Dorset which has always been a favourite with our guest mainly because of the fabulous swimming pool, accommodation and beautiful countryside.

We are also adding more variety to out exercise programme and we have a new nutritionist to run the workshops getting our guests up to date with the latest nutritional science and eliminating any myth and fads that may have been learnt.

The first course back is at the weight loss retreat in Derbyshire and the 7 night course starts on 31st January. We are offering readers of this article a £250 discount which lowers the price of the single room from £1499 to £1299 and the shared room from £1099 to £899.

Please please please remember the 80/ 20 rule it’s the most important point to living and happy, sustainable healthy life and have a great time over the New Year.

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