Posted on 18 Jul 2023

FitFarms Retreat Post Course Plans

FitFarms Retreat Outdoor Exercise

Unfortunately, there isn't an easy quick fix to weight loss. FitFarms weight loss retreat is designed to give you the tools and guide you to make your goals achievable and sustainable.

We have amazing weight loss results throughout the days you spend at FitFarms, but to maintain and carry on your weight loss you must apply the new found knowledge to your everyday life.

Your programme at FitFarms is isolated from distractions and temptations you'll face once you leave and keeping your head set on your goals can be difficult. While you're at FitFarms well provide you with tools to flip around your lifestyle and break bad habits.

FitFarms has designed a post course retreat programme for you to go back to which makes sure you stay on track. We monitor and encourage you through our own app. The app has everything from food diaries, video workouts, assessments and much more.

To stay on track with your fitness goals past the course it's vital to have a schedule. For both your diet and an exercise plan. It's important to make a realistic schedule that works around your job, responsibilities etc. If you make schedules with unrealistic expectations, it'll make it easier for you to fall back into bad habits and lose sight of your goals.

Keeping a balanced and healthy diet is a factor a lot of people struggle with maintaining in their lifestyle but here at FitFarms weight loss retreat we show you how to achieve this and keep it sustainable.

Planning your meals can really help with this. For example, a common factor we see in struggling with keeping a healthy diet is workload and family life.

Often, it's hard to find the time or energy to cook food from scratch, especially if you're cooking for more than yourself after a day at work.

But we want you to see it's still possible to maintain a healthy diet with planning. Planning your meals weekly around your schedule and even pre-cooking your meals can be so beneficial to reducing stress.

Taking the knowledge from the workshops at FitFarms on nutrition and the recipes we provide you with gives you all the tools to make your weight loss that much more achievable in the long run.

Making an exercise plan is also a vital step in your journey past FitFarms. It’s easy to lose the time for maintaining a gym schedule or class. It depends individually on your routine, if your someone who benefits more from outdoor exercise you should think about changing up your routine and include exercising outside. This is an area we also encourage on the FitFarms app.

On the other hand finding the right class to fit into your week can be a perfect fit for some people, it gives you at least one maintainable form of exercise each week that you enjoy.

It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the support and community that comes with group classes and gym memberships that’s so important through your fitness journey. Alternatively, this isn't always an option for everyone but that doesn't mean it’ll hold you back. At home exercise is an accessible option to everyone. We provide at home workout videos for you to follow with the staff from Fitfarms and there’s thousands of different ones out there.

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