Posted on 7 May 2017

Morning Mobiliser at FitFarms Matlock, Derbyshire

big25Start in lying down position In a relaxed position begin by rolling your wrists and ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise for 30-60 seconds breathing in for 4 seconds and out for 7 seconds (try to maintain this breathing method for the most part of this routine).

Next make a fist and clench, squeeze tightly for 3 seconds and relax repeat this 10 times. Then do the same with curling and stretching toes. Single leg hamstring and glute stretch.. With one leg stretched straight out in a relaxed position on the floor bring the opposite leg up and in to the chest in a straight enough position to feel a comfortable stretch down into the hamstring but not straight (regardless of how flexible you are).

Hold in the deepest position for 2-3 seconds then without relaxing the stretch completely lie the leg across to the opposite side of the body and lower it towards the floor until you feel the stretch in the lower back and outer thigh (you may wish to change the hand position from behind the thigh or calf to the opposite hand on the outside of the lower leg or thigh) hold this position for 2-3 seconds then return to start, alternate sides and repeat 5 times on each leg.

Lower back hamstrings and glute stretch Bring both legs up into chest as above (except using both legs instead of one at a time) lift your head as you pull your knees into your chest and squeeze for 2-3 seconds, then grabbing hold of the right foot or ankle lower the left leg back down to the floor in a straight position pull the ankle/foot of the right leg in towards your torso whilst letting the knee fall out to the side and hold for 2-3 seconds return to the start and begin again with both legs coming in towards the chest and holding for 2-3 seconds and then this time repeat the second part only stretching the left leg instead of the right repeat the 2 part movement 10 times in total with 5 individual mobilisers per side..

Thoracic mobiliser Lying in the position but with the arms extended out in front of you take your topside arm over to your open side as far as possible towards the floor opening the torso towards the ceiling keeping the arms level with the shoulder joint throughout the movement try and get your topside shoulder to touch the floor without allowing your legs to come into the movement once your arm and shoulder have gone as far over towards the floor (touching) as possible return to the fetal position by taking your arm in a circular motion over your head trying to maintain contact with the floor as long as possible... repeat slowly 10 times each side.

Cobra stretch into angry cat! (Don't ask me where these names come from? 😉) Lying on your front body flat on the floor forehead resting on the floor palms poised down on the floor as if ready to push up off the floor, peel your body off the floor chest and shoulders first until as fully extended as is comfortable for your lower back hold this position and breath in for 4 seconds then slowly lift your hips off the floor and push your body backwards until your hips are over your heels and then continue so that your knees lift off the floor slightly, your weight will be mainly through the balls of your feet and supported by your outstretched hands as you then try to round your back off and push your chest towards the floor take 7 seconds to exhale whilst completing this second part of the movement at this point begin again to inhale for 4 seconds as you return to your starting position and hold there for 7 seconds as you exhale before beginning the movement again repeat 10 times..

This completes our morning mobiliser. Hope this helps you start your day the FitFarms way!

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