Posted on 17 Jan 2019

FitFarms London Boot Camp New Year

Myths ExerciseNew Year New You!

I remember recently being in the exercise area at the Holistic FitFarms London Boot Camp and speaking to a customer about New Year resolutions, aims and their goals. The customer talked about her 2019 aims and we both asked ourselves the question so we could focus and get to the end goal.

The question we both asked was - But how?

New healthy diet? Maybe try one you haven’t before? Or one that worked in the past? Weight Loss Boot Camp Exercise regime, start easy? Or jump into the deep end and follow a Fitness Boot Camp exercise regime? A walk around the block? Or 5 days a week of hiit (or some other sort “FAT BURNING” awesomeness.)

How confident are you? How serious? Is this a new life a complete overhaul or have you always kept in shape but would like to knuckle down and get back to form after Xmas? What will make this plan a success and when it is what will you do after? Is it really a lifestyle change if you plan to stop after achieving weight loss, fitness and lifestyle goals? Is it really a lifestyle if the changes your committing to are only with a view to achieving said goals? Where do you go after? maintenance? What’s that look like? Doing the same thing but with less focus, doing something different but more maintainable? Stopping all together? What makes this time successful where all the others failed? Details! Not finding a diet that’s seems to have a big successful following not just trying to watch what you eat and get a little exercise not even throwing yourself into a £150 a month online plan (closing your eyes holding your breath and hoping for the best!!) it’s the details.. it’s making the right choice for you based on what you need what you want what you can manage and what you believe amongst others. That what we focus on during our courses the details.. that way you will have the right mix of a plan at your fingertips with the power to adapt and change it if and when necessary without the fear of failure or the doubt of low self confidence because you will understand the reasoning and idea behind the plan and you will be able to move in the right direction without necessarily sticking to one path

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