Posted on 29 Oct 2014

FitFarms Journal 29 October 2014

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

2nd day in and the newbies feet are well and truly wet, whilst the busy bees feet are so wet they have started to wrinkle! I think knowing what to expect is worse for those still lacking a little confidence than marching on into the dark. Our 2 week champions are tired and they know what to expect for the next two days was tough enough the first time around. I think this is having an affect on the newbies as they haven't all relaxed quite as quickly as other groups but that might yet turn out to be a good thing! You see less relaxed means more tentative more aware but it also means more stressed, so we usually like to relax a group as quickly as possible because of end of week results, this way around though more maybe remembered and a deeper understanding achieved, I guess only time will tell on that one.

Anyway into the 2nd day, it's another great start with Zu's wake up workout guaranteed to loosen off and wake up those aching muscles ready for the rest of the day, breakfast is a buzz of as the clients are returning from their workout feeling awake and refreshed and ready for the rest of the day, from this point on they may lose a little of this enthusiasm as tiredness sets in but it's guaranteed that for the majority when it comes to going swimming at 3:30pm that feeling will return.

After dinner this evening it is resistance again, this time with that handsome young stud! (Me!) :-D but by this time the girls are too exhausted to even get enthusiastic about that! But then you can't blame them, by this point on the second day they will have completed nearly 8 hours of exercise per day, 16 hours in total of everything from boxing, walking, resistance, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, stretching, kettlebells, hula hoops, swimming and fitball work and this is just the end of day 2. Our aim as always is to prove to people they can do it and it can be fun, so if your considering something like this but are put off by the amount of exercise? Don't be it's all part of the experience and the sense of achievement you'll get from doing it will be so worth it! If you still aren't sure take a look at our website, or YouTube channel and the testimonies we have on there from other fitfarmers. They all.. Or mostly started the week off uncertain as to whether it was the right decision.. If we do have anyone out there looking to take the leap as it were, if you would like a little reassurance feel free to get in touch on our Facebook site and one of the very people who will be looking after you on the course can get in touch and answer any questions you may have. :-)

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