Posted on 26 Oct 2014

FitFarms Journal 26 October 2014

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So into the 2nd week we go, with such a large group of 2 weekers it has created a strange dynamic for the group as we have fewer new comers than we do those on their 2nd week so it is like having 2 separate groups running at the same time, the girls all get on fine, the newbies as Zu has affectionately named them are eager to get started and find out what FitFarms is all about and the "busy bees" Zu's name for our group of 2 weekers whilst a little apprehensive about doing it all over again are at least more comfortable in their surroundings and relying on the support from the group and ourselves to get them through these first 2 really tough days.

As we now run so many different length courses alongside each other we have to be extra careful to give everyone the experience they deserve as well as the attention necessary to help them take this first step, for some; and one of many for others towards a healthier lifestyle. To do this we have mentor groups, so each one of us has a core group of people to pay more attention to and to spend a little extra time with, just as a way of completing the experience.

Over these 2 weeks I have been working with our busy bees as their mentor whilst Zu has handled the 7 day clients from each course and Ian has worked with the weekenders and the mid weekers. One to one sessions work! They allow the clients to open up and discuss whatever they feel is pertinent to making the necessary changes and making the kind of connection with them that allows them to trust us and talk to us. In some cases the clients quite simply need a kickstart, a bit of motivation, they have no hang ups, no underlying health issues, they just want to get into this fitness bug they have either been hearing about from others or have experienced for themselves in the past, most of all they want to feel good! So the one to one sessions with them are more about getting to know what they like/dislike what we can do during the week to help them and if we can recommend or suggest anything that would suit them and their needs.

By the end of today we have seen some shy and uncertain faces become more relaxed and confident ( and that's just us instructors!) and we have seen some weary and apprehensive faces become more determined, and then there are a few characters whose faces haven't changed at all since they joined us over a week ago and I still can't decide if it's happiness or pain that we see :-) but I'm almost sure it must be happiness! I mean who wouldn't be happy here :-D

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