Posted on 29 Oct 2018

FitFarms Heathrow Fitness Camp

heathrowFitFarms 2019 is looking extremely exciting as we have new venues to offer and collections from London Heathrow which will be part of the FitFarms London Fitness and Boot Camp collection point.

The FitFarms Ireland site has already proven to be very popular taking bookings a year in advance. The accommodation is a spectacular castle in Limmerick which is situated in the heart of Ireland. Ireland has fantastic countryside and we will be doing many challenging scenic hikes in the local area. FitFarms Ireland is also very reachable from Dublin and the nearest airport is Shannon being under 1hr from the FitFarms Site.

Our Spain site is running extremely well and has become very popular with returning guests looking for that fun and challenging experience. Collections are from Malaga airport and we still have a space available on the next course that starts on 24th November. We are situated in Andalucia and the venue use to be an old olive press.

Currently we are sourcing a new site in Scotland to help with the FitFarms growth and also the travelling for our Scottish customers. The Scott's tend to go to our Derbyshire site which is the furthest Northern FitFarms.

FitFarms Derbyshire is our old favourite. We have been there for nearly 7 years and we love the accommodation, amazing countryside and the fantastic trainers which help us out on this site. Next year we will be running a few more weeks than usual just because of the popularity of the Derbyshire site. It's only 2hrs from London and we provide a free pick up from Matlock which is the local station.

We will be sharing the information on the new Scotland site very shortly through social media platforms. Keep your eyes peeled because we believe it's going to be amazing in the Scotland Highlands.

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