Posted on 14 Sep 2016

FitFarms Exmoor Disabled Weight Loss Boot Camp Schedule

The next FitFarms project is the FitFarms disabled weight loss boot camp which is going to be run on Exmoor down in the pretty county of Somerset.

The programme will consist of exercise, nutrition and workshops and will be challenging but also fun. The facilities have been well chosen ‎which will allow a wide range of guests with physical impairments.

The FitFarms team are working with a disabled charity which have been running for just under 10 years and are well known in the industry for providing safe and effective courses.

FitFarms will add ‎dates to the website in the month of October 2016. We are planning on running four in the first year and then we have scheduled 10 for 2018. The health and safety is going to be very different than what FitFarms is use to on the weight loss camps that we have been running since 2006.

We have a new team member from Hereford called Dave who runs wheelchair based aerobics who will be heading up the weight loss boot camp team.

Dave has been working with guests that have disabilities for over ten years and has quite a following in his local area of Hereford and the Rye valley. ‎Currently Dave runs three wheelchair aerobic classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7pm to 8pm. There is also wheelchair resistance that has proven to be very popular on Tuesday nights and Dave is already trying to find a new venune for another class that starts on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm. He is also heavily envolved in wheelchair basketball at Worcester University which play at national level.

‎Dave has said that he's really looking forward to the challenge of running a course that is not just the hour but for the whole week and is very keen to see the results that can be achieved in this time period.

FitFarms will be looking at dropping guests body fat but more importantly changing lifestyles.

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