Posted on 16 Apr 2017

FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat March 2017 Review – 1

jason photoWell, its my first week working for the FitFarms weight loss retreat in Dorset and I can honestly say, I’m a little nervous and I’m really not sure what to expect. Yes, I’ve done this type of work for years, but, its something new and all......

Its the first time I’ve come to Dorset, I’ve travelled throughout the country but, never here and it BEAUTIFUL!

Well, I got there and I hadn’t got a clue where to go so I wont lie, the butterflies in the tummy were a little busy hehehe.

I saw the fitness camp team park up next to me and straight away, my nerves had gone, work mode kicked. The fitness team were great and I instantly felt right at home, or shall I say on a holiday camp or even a holiday.....

I soon got stuck in moving chairs from the fitness studio which was on the other side of the holiday complex to where we were setting up. After all that, I got my stuff together and moved to all the my room which I was surprised as the room was lovely, plus I had a double bed all to myself.

After sorting my stuff out, I helped one of the fitness team out putting all the fitness folders together for when the guests arrived later on in the afternoon.

Guests all started to arrive which meant one thing, work time and begun and I was really excited because I knew I was going to bring something new to the fitness course.

All the guests were really nice and I thought to myself why was i worrying as all this second natural to me.

The week went really well, I brought a breath of fresh air to the fitness camp through my personality and all my classes. Shown them all how fun aerobics can be fun and to be enjoyed which all the Weight Loss camp did so I was sooooo pleased and proud of everyone as its something different and a lot of people there hadn’t done anything like this before, I mean a mad head instructor like me he he.

I also did all the massage treatments on the fitness course for the guests which went down a storm. Most if not everyone wanted my hands more than once and I spotted and sorted most of the problems the guests had either from before the fitness course or during as the exercise was new for some so, a lot of sore muscles to soothe. As well as sorting their bodies out, I also educated them on what was happening to their bodies and giving them the knowledge of how to keep them injury from stretching etc.

It was a hard week but it was all worth it as I loved every minute of the fitness course from teaching, the guests, the fitness team and also doing my massage work. I had such a great time and as soon as this course is finished here in beautiful Dorset, I’m flying straight the next fitness boot camp course in Spain.

Hopefully, FitFarms will want me to do more, more and more work for them as I can see that I have lots to off the fitness course.


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