Posted on 17 Dec 2016

FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat Holiday Review - November 2016

3 months from nowFitFarms UK retreat recently held a women's only course in the heart of Dorset. This weight loss retreat holiday included not only beautiful walks allowing you to see the fantastic views which Dorset has to offer but also the course featured a day trip to Bournemouth allowing clients to venture around Bournemouth, enjoy the Bournemouth sea front and get off resort for some sea side fresh air! During the course our schedules start from 7AM with our morning wake up workout consisting of heart raising aerobic exercise followed by stretching to prepare your body for the day ahead. Your day would then begin starting with breakfast. During the week you'll indulge in 3 main meals as well as 3 snacks! You'll learn more than ever before when it comes to nutrition, you'll be dying to go home and experiment with healthy cooking by the end of the week. After breakfast you'll typically be getting involved in group exercise until lunch then you'll be venturing off to explore Dorset.... getting back just in time for aqua aerobics! Once dinner is served you'll then be taking part in yoga or Pilates allowing you to stretch the body before you head to your bed....with a tasty snack of course! Our fitness retreats give people the chance to get away from the busy lives we lead and allows you to focus on you! Many people come on these courses for many reasons more than just weight loss alone. These retreats are designed in a way to cater for everyone and to allow all abilities to complete the week. 6 hours of exercise a day does seem a little intense however our team is here to help you and to prove to you that you can do it and that you can complete the week! A key feature which our Dorest fitness retreat offers is the fitness spa. This means in your spare time or if you feel a class isn't to your fancy then you have the option to walk/swim for an hour instead meaning you can keep active and feel motivated knowing you haven't stopped or given up but just chosen a different type of exercise for an hour. Our FitFarms team always encourages is to keep going and to keep moving even if it does mean swimming instead or taking lower intensities/levels during the week. This week our clients were put through a wide range of classes including mindful movement classes as well as stretching, HIIT training, boxing and kettlebells and aerobic/dance based classes. Our clients also had the chance to participate in yoga, Pilates and salsa during the evening. Every course is different however all clients soon realise that they can do everything they are faced with during the course with a little help which sometimes means adaptions and alternatives are given to them. This is what makes FitFarms the perfect retreat for you! We don't just teach you how to exercise and to eat in a more nutritional way but we also give you the knowledge and skills to enable you to take away everything you've learnt meaning you are able to maintain your weight loss and continue with a more active lifestyle! Once you leave your week with us Maintaining healthy living is the most important thing. We aim to chance lives for the long term not just for the week you're with us. We Believe in you and by the end of the week you will to!

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