Posted on 29 May 2019

FitFarms Derbyshire weight loss fitness retreat

IMG-0299FitFarms Derbyshire weight loss fitness retreat May course report. The course started on 14th May just outside the pretty town of Matlock.

The FitFarms weight loss retreat accommodation is situated around a natural lake just minutes away from Darwin Forest.

The majority of the guests arrive on Friday night either by car or collected from the local Matlock train station. Once settled into their rooms the welcome talk starts at 6.15pm.

The talk is designed to relax people and make sure everyone is comfortable with the programme that they will be following.

Dinner was salmon, cherry tomatoes in a basil sauce and the vegetarian was similar but the salmon was changed for tofu.

The first weight loss retreat and exercise session is on its way and the guests are really enjoying the first session.

Guests finish the session puffed but with great enthusiasm. They make there way back to the herbal tea station, lemon and ginger seem to be a popular one on this week and then

off to bed for a well deserved good nights sleep. Sleep is a real important health factor and it's a great way to become stress free, repair yourself and helps with anxiety. Aiming between

7 and 9 hrs per night is the optimum amount of sleep.

Many people who come to FitFarms become very concerned with the exercise programme concerned that they won’t be able to keep up and start to feel that last at school feeling.

The FitFarms weight loss and fitness camp programme is designed to avoid these feelings. Alternatives are always given and although the exercise is challenging it is also a lot of fun.

Do not forget to check the FitFarms website for future Derbyshire courses. We are based in Matlock and provide free transfers from Matlock train station.

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