Posted on 1 Jun 2017

FitFarms Derbyshire, Matlock Review April 2017 Course - Part 1

IMG_20170416_162652509Its time to get on that A38 to go to the FitFarms Derbyshire Course in Matlock as this will be my third course working for the company and I’m really excited. Not only to be working but, going to Matlock as its been years since I’ve been there.

Traffic isn’t that bad travelling there but..... It will be Easter Sunday when I’m there at the Fitness Camp.

So, I arrived at the Fitness Course Location before any of the Fitness guess arrive looking for the rest of the fitness team. The holiday cottages look beautiful and all made to look like they are years old in the beautiful peak District stone.

I see Jodie a member from the FitFarms Health Team walking to greet me so I know where to meet the rest of the team. Had a good feeling straight away and the fitness team are like a small family and look after each other. We have to with spending so much time together.

Well, work started straight away with setting up the Fitness Boot camp location up for all the Fitness Course Holiday guests to arrive.

It was the first time I’ve been on the FitFarms Derbyshire Course so, Andy gave me a little tour around so I know where most things are kept etc.

Everything’s setup so, its Coffee time and get our own rooms set up and unpacked, well, kind of unpacked anyway. I always pack too much stuff. Anyone would think I’m working away for a year and not just a week!

Its time to pick the first group of the Fitness Course Guests up from the Train station so, me and Andy jump into the car and drive down to the Matlock Train Station. When we get there we can see a large group standing there with their suitcases looking nervous.

Guests jumped into the transport provided and we all went take back to the holiday cottages so everyone can settle in before we kick off the fitness course.

We get back to base and Andy, Jodie, Matt and me start showing the Fitness Guests to their rooms and we are waiting for more clients to arrive throughout the afternoon.

Let the FitFarms Derbyshire Fitness Course Begin.

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