Posted on 27 Nov 2016

FitFarms Derbyshire Client Review Nov 2017

FitFarms Review Nov 2017I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed the week at FitFarms Derbyshire in Matlock last week.

It was a fantastic experience, and one I will remember. I learned so much and was able to do so much more than I had ever thought possible. Your fabulous coaches made this possible, and were so supportive, enthusiastic, and kind... I cannot say enough about how precious and generous they were. We worked hard, sweated, and laughed together all week. The fantastic variety of exercise on offer was engaging and made the week flow. The variation of pace, indoor, outdoor was great.

My thanks to Andy particularly for looking after me and his mentor sessions, and for making sure I found time to do a little painting here and there, and for taking me to a good view to enable me to paint a spectacular sunset. I'll never forget that. Not part of his remit, and totally unexpected and generous. Georgia, with her lovely smile, caring nature and high octane enthusiasm carried me through my 'hell on earth' aerobics nightmare. I even enjoyed it. And Becky's stretch and calming classes got my poor aching body through the week. I went into her classes feeling I could barely walk, and skipped out. I really enjoyed her explanations of how our bodies work. So interesting! And her massages... Well they were a treat for sure. They are a great team. Their differences are their strengths.

The workshops on nutrition was mind blowing, fascinating stuff. Revolutionising the way we will eat from now on. Likewise the change workshop challenged some, I found it important and interesting to revisit old thoughts and embrace knew ones.

Last but most definitely not least, Matthew. What a complete delight. So enthusiastic and willing to share his ideas, and generous with his knowledge. A great attitude- and great food. I ate, and enjoyed, stuff I would never to choose to eat. And I cannot believe I wasn't hungry! Talk about changes perceptions and understanding. We've stocked our cupboards and bought a meat thermometer! I intend to do a bit more cooking!

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