Posted on 4 Jul 2014

FitFarms Customer Review - 04 July 2014

Below is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks, as reviewed and reported by one of our customers.

The review article below highlights the details of the customer’s week camp experience at FitFarms from exercise programmes, learning nutritional diet menus, accommodation and the consultants.

At the back end of 2010 I went through a very particularly difficult time and I felt completely lost. I was really struggling and I found myself wanting to do something that was totally for me and to help me get back on track physically and mentally. I knew a spa wasn't going to cut it. After a lot of research I found the FitFarms website. I thought this was just what I needed so I decided to go for it. The hardest part at first was getting there as I had never travelled on my own and I needed to get a flight and a train as I live in the beautiful island of Jersey. I was going on my own but sharing with another lady and we had made contact before we went. I am still in contact with her to this day and also a couple of other ladies who I met there.

When I arrived at FitFarms the staff were so friendly and welcoming. However they were straight with us in what we should expect on our week at FitFarms. We were shown our rooms and they were such a great standard. After we had settled we had a meeting and had to get our measurements done and if I remember correctly we had to do some small tests like flexibility, run/walk a mile etc so at the end of the week we could see how much we improved. We had dinner and were shown our list of what we would be doing the next day. I never thought in a million years I would get through the day. The first 2-3 days were a struggle and boy did we ache. Even going to the toilet was an achievement in itself. I remember being told by the staff that it would get easier. Because everyone who attended were in the same boat we all laughed about it and really encouraged each other. It was an amazing atmosphere every day. You really do get to meet some wonderful people from all different levels. By Day 3 or 4 we could walk and exercise much better and it really started to feel good.

The experience for me wasn't just about exercise and eating healthy, it was also mental and I had a real breakthrough while on the course thanks to the Life Coach who was there at that time and I started to feel like me again (but a better version). The week was great fun even if at times we thought we would never do it. By the of the week everyone had made huge improvements and accomplished so much.

I enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue my journey and when I returned home I decided to do a diet and fitness course. I completed that but I didn't feel it was quite what I was looking for. I eventually hired a health coach and through her I changed my whole life for the better. I have now gone on to train as a Health Coach as I think it is so important that as many people can see what they can achieve through living a healthier lifestyle. I am just about to turn 40 and I have never felt happier and fitter and I hope to help other people feel the same way. And it all started out with a trip to FitFarms, an experience I will never forget and I do think of often.

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