Posted on 13 Feb 2017

FitFarms Case Study: Meet Jane, Mid 40's Never Exercised Before

i-am-my-problem-but-also-my-solution-quoteOk so the next series of blogs are going to be ideas for session plans and progressions based on typical situations. So if it seems like it could benefit you feel free to give it a go..

Firstly the exercises we will use will be completely interchangeable so if you can't do them for what ever reason, replace them.

Let's start with the basic.


Jane is looking to take up exercise to lose weight. Jane is mid 40's never exercised before but luckily has no complications such as medical conditions or injuries to work around. Jane just needs something she can enjoy, she doesn't feel like exercise has ever been of interest and she isn't really looking to join a gym or fitness class at this point in time.

Jane has a social life and doesn't really want to lose it or lose touch with the friends she has gained through it but is getting to the point where she is willing to cut back so she can focus on her goals, I mentioned she wants to lose weight well Jane feels she was happiest about 2 stone ago and would like to get back to that as quickly as possible. Have I painted the picture enough?

Ok first thing to look at is sustainability and a realistic approach. I want this first stage to be enjoyable and fun. To best establish a routine Jane needs to look forward to her exercise. So I'm looking for exercise she can do socially, relatively easily and regularly. The 1st part is how many times a week Jane could realistically exercise because let's face it there is no point setting a routine over five days for someone who can only happily manage 3..

Next is what kind of activities and exercises Jane can see herself doing the more enjoyable it is the less likely she is to "leave it tonight I'm not in the mood!" So we can use this approach in the first month to establish a manageable routine and also for someone who is carrying more than their normal weight and has never exercised before regular exercise will reap many more results than full on and inconsistent exercise.

So in the following parts we will look at food and lifestyle changes and then the specifics of an exercise plan as we progress.. just as we would at one of our holistic fitness and weight loss retreats.

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