Posted on 8 Aug 2023

Fast Food And What It Does To Your Body

Fat Camp Fast Food Report

There are 76% of people across the uk ordering fast food more than once week. Although fast food is known to be unhealthy most people don’t know the damage it does to their body and what’s contained in the food.

The amount of fast food you eat makes a significant difference to your health and weight. 20% of people report they order fast food takeaway for the convenience rather than as a treat and this is where health issues start arising.

Often the calories, salt and fat intake in one fast food meal is enough for a whole day. As well as the lack of nutrition in fast food, regularly consuming it dramatically increases your risk to chronic health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

The obesity rate in the UK is currently 29.9% amongst adults. Fast food dramatically exposes you to the risks of obesity, it’s important to keep an eye on the amount of fast food you eat to keep your health in order.

If you have children you also put them at risk by ordering multiple fast food meals a week. Not thinking twice about what’s contained in the food is when health issues will creep up over time. Children obesity rates are highly rising in the UK so it’s important to not pass on bad habits.

On top of all the health issues that come along with fast food, it’s also expensive. Recent research disclosed the average Brit eats 12 fast food meals a month, spending a average of £110 per month. Spending around £1300 a year on food with no nutritional benefits, damaging your body.

This doesn’t mean you have to cut fast food completely out your diet. Eating it on occasion as a treat won’t have a dramatic impact on your health, as long as it’s in moderation.

Fast food is often turned to as a convenience, not having time to cook, a easy option on your way back from work or a night out. But there are other options.

Here at FitFarms we teach all the nutrition and food groups you should include in each meal through our nutrition workshops run by the health and fitness team. There’s many easy, quick recipes you can put into your diet to try and avoid the frequent turn to fast food.

When trying to lose weight it’s helpful to have several quick and simple recipes on hand, there’s thousands of options online and at FitFarms we provide recipe classes and a list of recipes for you to take home.

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