Posted on 4 Aug 2014

Enjoying Exercise and Workout at the Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp Report

Today we have the pleasure of my high intensity interval training for the wake up workout, it's a good session, very tough but ideal for this point in the week, more intensive means shorter bursts and rest periods more often so it is tough on the body but it doesn't defeat the mind.

A lot of what stands in the way of our clients when it comes to exercise is the psychology, how they approach this new routine or lifestyle change will have humongous significance to whether they are able to maintain it or whether it gets pushed to one side the next time something gets in the way.

Exercise is not a chore! It is an enjoyable hobby or activity that primarily serves to improve mood, positively balance mental state of mind and increase confidence and inner strength. The reason people think of exercise as a chore is that they are doing it for the wrong reasons or they are doing the wrong type of exercise!

If you don't believe that it's possible, ask anyone of our thousands of previous clients who have left one of our intensive week realising that not only can they do extreme amounts of exercise but that with the right focus and approach they can enjoy themselves while doing it!

Today is proof of that, you take a group of people who up until this week haven't done much if any exercise, especially not regularly and by the 5th day full of exercise they are not beaten and miserable, they are not incapable of moving (although stairs do prove to be a challenge!) in fact they are laughing, joking, still getting up at 6 in the morning to exercise and they have just absolutely owned a high intensity workout before breakfast and are still game for more!

To Anyone who doesn't enjoy exercise.. Don't give up! Just find the right group of people, the right instructor or the right reason and remember to focus more on what you achieve than what you fall short of.

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