Posted on 25 Jun 2014

Why Energy Drinks are Unhealthy

If you have been to FitFarms on one of our weight loss or fitness retreats you would have a real understanding of why most energy drinks are unhealthy. The FitFarms nutritional therapist Lesley Harper goes through the shelves of the supermarkets with the retreat guest and cuts through the products that are unhealthy and very misleading. Below are the FitFarms thoughts on this very misleading so called health or even energy fitness drink in some brand cases.

They sound is if they should be healthy for you, but are they?  The average energy drink contains caffeine and sugar.  In America there has been reported ten-fold increase of emergency room visits, which can be related to the consumption of energy drinks.  These ER visits can be due to heart palpitations, and severe fatigue. Research into this increase suggests that it is the lack of knowledge of the products consumed that is causing the problem.  So what’s in them to bring about the need for an ER visit?

Energy drinks contain stimulants, the main being caffeine.  They are marketed to give an energy burst.  The energy burst is created by caffeine and sugar, and can be addictive.  A typical energy drink of 16 fl oz can contain 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar.  The recommended amount of sugar intake per day is around 6 teaspoons.  The figures speak for themselves.  Sugar is considered empty calories as there is no goodness in it, such as vitamins and minerals, but adds to the calorific intake per day.

The marketing of energy drinks has been traditionally aimed at a specific market.  Early in its history they were aimed at athletes.  That target market has since been increased to students and people in highly stressed jobs, such as city analysts, gamers, and extreme sport enthusiasts.  The design of the product and marketing communication is aimed at the younger generation.

FitFarms Fitness Retreat FrontAt FitFarms in the morning we have one natural coffee per day because it has health benefits for the liver. It is one and just one so please be careful not to falsely fuel yourself on caffeine.

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