Posted on 20 Jul 2018

Do You Think You Need To Exercise?

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A healthy life is a balanced life! But unfortunately a lot of us are so confused as to what a healthy or balanced life actually is we end up following or striving for goals that aren’t our own! A healthy person has balance and a balanced person has health.. not knowing where our own balance lies is I believe the reason we look for the evidence in terms of visual change. We need to see weight loss or improvements in physical fitness to assure us that what we are doing is working. When in reality anything we do to improve our health will have an immediate impact as well as play a part in the larger picture. We need to think health first!

Everyday we hear about a new study on obesity, health factors, illness and mental and physical disease. In a way our constant self analysis, comparison and judgement in all our self awareness can be a tool of our own evolution and development but it can also be a major component in our decline of health and wellness. The added stress and fatigue that sets in from this awareness is generally not considered a factor when trying to “be healthier” but think about it when might exercise and calorific restriction have a negative affect? When our bodies and minds are already too fatigued to respond well to it.

And what is the general response to being told our health is at risk because of weight or diet..? Personally I don’t think it’s coincidence that the worlds health appears to be in steady decline and we appear to be struggling with more issues now than we should be. I think it’s in the nature of how we cope how we survive. We are expecting too much of ourselves and not accounting for it in the right way. Many people would say to get fit, be healthy, to lose weight for whatever reason or see whatever results you are aiming for it is 70/80% diet 20/30% exercise but I think before that it is 100% mental health.

When I’m a good state of mind, a stress managed state the instinctive decisions we make and the conscious decisions will be what’s best for longevity but when stressed fatigued or emotional we rely on decisions for survival of the moment or current threat. So when looking to be healthy look to find balance and you can then trust in your own decisions.

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