Posted on 6 Oct 2019

Derbyshire Weight Loss Retreat October

darwin lakeThe FitFarms Derbyshire weight loss retreat started on 27th September and despite the rainy weather it was one of the most positive weeks that FitFarms has had over the Summer and Autumn period. There were weight losses of up to 10lbs with the average being approximately 6lbs. Here at FitFarms though we concentrate mostly on lifestyle change so the weight loss is sustainable over a long period of time. One of the many ways we get achieve this is by introducing the 80 / 20 percentage rule to our customers. This equates to be healthy 80 percent of the time and a little bit more relaxed for the other 20 percent. The 80 percent is often Monday to Friday and the 20 percent over the weekend. However what is very important to remember is that we are humans and there will be errors so you need to have some flexibility on the 80 / 20. If your weekend goes over to Monday you just need to reign in a little bit the following weekend just to re address the balance.

The other workshops we covered on this course was Louise's very popular "Barriers to Exercise" and the Nutrition workshops were we now split into three groups. On the last day we introduced a quiz just to recap on the areas that were covered during the course.

The food which is always a highlight on the courses was conjured up by our Manchester chef Dean. There were some fantastic snacks covering a healthy chocolate mousse to power balls made with peanut butter, nuts, seeds and dried fruit which was the ultimate favourite at the end of the week. The science behind the nutrition programme is balancing blood sugar levels and portion control. We tend to not talk too much about calories as people can become a little overly occupied by calorie counting which is not mentally healthy especially as there are good and bad calories so it's not just as simple as how many.

The next Derbyshire course we run starts on 18th October and we have two spaces available.

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