Posted on 16 Oct 2016

Derbyshire Fitness Camp Review October 2016

FitFarms Fitness Camp Derbyshire CottagesSo we are well into our week at the FitFarms fitness camp in the lovely Derbyshire countryside, the weather has been beautiful thou noticeably cooler which is getting Matthew the chef all excited for all things winter. I tend to think that this time of year is better for exercise, it's beautiful and calm all around, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable measure so when our clients are exercising they can push themselves a little harder and exercise on a whole is more comfortable.

The holiday cottages that we use have such a beautiful and peaceful surrounding,there is a lake on Matlock site which is great for a short walk and the venue itself is coming to the end of a massive refurbishment and I must say it's looking fantastic. This all adds to the clients experience. We have a lovely group of guests this week and they are all doing so well, we are pushing them in the classes and some of the clients have been faced with big changes and have responded really positively.

Our Derbyshire fitness camp is our longest running site, so we are well settled in our surroundings here and it helps add to the low stress approach we have as part of our weight loss retreat.

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