Posted on 13 Sep 2018

Day 5 FitFarms Fitness Retreat

aerobics exerciseTwo days left at this fitfarms retreat. As the week progresses we like to add more individually intensive exercise classes we like the clients to be pushed a little more but prefer it by this point for them to be doing the pushing themselves.

So we have our lifestyle workshop for a sit down but the rest of the day will be full on, from legs bums and tums to circuits to aerobics and boxing all in one day!

It’s amazing how much exercise we can do with none of the distractions we deal with on a daily basis. If you haven’t been on one of our weight loss boot camp courses don’t let this put you off. We know how to support, motivate and get the most from our clients and we know when they are giving their all so we know when to ask for more and we know when to pull it back, it’ll always be your decision we just make sure you have what support you need to find your level! A really good website to find information on Exercise is The American College of Sports Medicine.

Once again at 5pm it’s dinner time and the last class of the day is a stretch. After stretch this evening we have started the one to one mentor sessions a chance to rap up and answer any questions you may have and to put together plans or ideas on how to move forward when you go home they can be anything between 30 and 60 minutes and are completely optional but are really useful when it comes to planning.

These sessions will run throughout the rest of the week depending on how many people want them and we like to leave them till later on in the week to make sure people have what they need in terms of information and questions to make the most of it.. tomorrow is the final day at our weight loss boot camp Norfolk site and we have swimming and a beach walk planned, the weather is set to be nice and it should be a really good end to the week. So time for a good nights rest ready for amongst other things; the fitness test tomorrow!

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