Posted on 25 Oct 2023

Dance Is An Important Part Of A Weight Loss And Fitness Camp

Dance at FitFarms weight loss and fitness camp

Why do we have dance sessions at FitFarms Weight Loss and Fitness Camp?

Dance is a great uplifting and fun way to maintain staying active and healthy. Especially if you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to keep up going to the gym or don’t find much enjoyment in workouts and high intensity classes, dance might be the exercise for you.

Many people see dance as a hobby or a class someone might choose to take simply because there good at it. But really dance has loads of benefits to both your mental and physical health.

Dance engages your full body which is incredibly effective in burning off fat and keeping your whole body active. As well as your body it engages your mind which is beneficial to your mental wellbeing and mood.

Often people will find it hard to maintain a gym schedule if it isn’t enjoyable and you feel drained and tired after, as it doesn’t stimulate your brain as much as other exercises. Which is why it isn’t the right option for everyone.

Dance stimulates your brain by remembering choreography and working towards something. Which essentially gives you a greater sense of accomplishment and boosts serotonin levels.

There's also so many different types of dance and if your someone who enjoys trying new things and meeting new people there’s many different styles of dance classes out there. Such as ballroom dancing, tap dance, jazz, swing, hip hop and so much more.

It can also encourage you to exercise with your partner, friends and family you.

Some of the other health benefits of dancing include, improved condition of your lungs and heart, a increase in endurance, fitness levels and strength. Which can help in other forms of exercise and increase your energy levels, health and fitness in your day to day lives. It also has many mental health benefits including an improvement in mood helping with conditions like depression, it can also help with social anxiety, memory and reduce chances of other mental health disorders.

So where do you start to get involved with dance? Look for local dance studios which often have weekly classes of different levels, abilities and types of dance.

Community centres, fitness/leisure centres and your local town hall are also good places to check out to see what’s on offer. Alternatively there’s thousands of different online dance videos you can follow along to at home.

There’s several different FitFarms dance classes which we record at the FitFarms London which you will find on the FitFarms YouTube page which are free to follow, run by our dance instructor Kim.

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