Posted on 23 Jan 2015

Damp at the Weight loss camp with Ian, Zu and Andy | FitFarms Camp Report

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

This morning began with some high intensity bodyweight training, a great little cardio workout using basic exercises, the more accustomed to exercise and the fitter you become the more complicated exercises you can use, but for the purposes of the course and the fact that the most of the group are now on their 4th day we keep it simple, all that Sid the guys and girls give it a good go and they all worked up a sweat before real fast which is really all we ask for.

After breakfast, half of the group have they're 2nd nutrition workshop and the other half have myself and Ian for our kick fit class and then as always we swap the groups after snack, it's always a popular class, you get to beat the instructors up for a couple of hours, what could be the downside?? I always think after this class. "Why do I feel so tired?" It's a tough class and it takes alot out of you even if we were only instructing.

After lunch it's time for the local walk and we have picked a lovely day for it perfect conditions, a little damp but sun shining and a calm breeze. Although due to previous weather conditions Zu had to make a few last minute redirections so it ended up being a little more muddy than first planned. But still a great bit of fresh air before dinner.

It's drawing to the end of the 4th day for the full weekers or 2nd day for the mid weekers and the group have worked and continue to work considerably hard pushing forwards to the end of the week and the results they came for.

This evenings final class is a resistance class that is fast paced and really quite challenging but the reason we like to include it is it has a very functional application especially for those short on time, we use 3 different pieces of equipment but this isn't necessary, we just like to include more options, the class itself is based on the tabata principal of Hiit (high intensity interval training) and uses short bursts of exercise with shorter rest times.

It's another tough class but people tend to enjoy it and feel the benefit. After the final class and snacks everyone retires for the evening and prepares themselves for the penultimate day. Tomorrow is going to be a good day the group have remained positive throughout the week but tomorrow they will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the mood will improve even more, so far this week the group have pushed and pulled and worked themselves into the ground for every class and walk and it's great to see how much it means to them all, if they keep this going tomorrow and Thursday then we will have some amazing results on Friday.

As always guys and girls, if your reading this please I encourage you to go to the Facebook site and post your comments of support and motivation they are always well received.

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