Posted on 5 Sep 2014

Is Chocolate Good or Bad for You?

Dark Chocolate. Photo credit

Is chocolate bad for you? There are indications that eating chocolate can contribute to reduced levels of bone density. Lower levels of bone density can lead to osteoporosis in later life . Headache triggers has been associated with eating chocolate, particularly for people who suffer with migraines. Milk chocolate is higher in the overall calories, sugar and saturated fats.

Is chocolate good for you? Research suggests that cocoa, in chocolate, contains polyphenols, which has been attributed to oxidation of harmful cholesterol. It is considered eating chocolate is good for relieving stress through valeric acid and the smell. Valeric acid is a known relaxant, and the smell of chocolate has been attributed with the slowing down of brain waves, resulting in a relaxed but alert state.

Is it possible to buy healthy chocolate? Perhaps we should be looking at the additives to chocolate to assess the health properties. Chocolate can contain sugar, dairy, gluten, and in place of sugar artificial sweeteners. Chocolate without these items are more likely to be seen as a healthy alternative, such as dark chocolate.

Research suggests that eating chocolate does not always lead to weight gain. It is a situation where moderation is required to maintain a good balance to the consumption of a healthy diet and a little treat occasionally. A healthy body is achieved through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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