Posted on 21 Sep 2014

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more (FitFarms Journal)

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more at FitFarms retreat course. This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we begin with Ian's cardio kick class, a mixture of martial arts movements kicks, punches, blocks etc choreographed to the beat of some good old style dance music, Ian does love to throw some classic tunes in there and mix it up a little. It's a great way to start the day because it has everything from some bouncing tracks to a bouncing instructor with a really good vibe thrown in the middle and a rush of energy before breakfast from all that blood pumping around the body.

After breakfast it's time for today's walk and whilst the weather isn't at its best it's certainly not enough to stop the troops so off they pop for what I think is one of the most scenic walks of the week... Even thou I never get to go on it :-(... I instead am staying here to welcome the mid week arrivals.

Once the arrivals are all settled in it will be time for dinner and then chance for the newbies to get acquainted with the rest of the group, after this it is triple trouble time for half the group and the first of 2 very informative nutrition workshops for the other half. The nutrition workshops are 8 hours spread over 2 days of useful and useable information, relating not to the ideal way to eat healthy and lose weight but a realistic way, giving out information a plenty about why you should avoid certain foods or what foods are a better alternative but also reassuring you with science and sense that some foods whilst not the best choice are better than nothing or ok in small amounts and reminding you that balance is the key. The workshops are built around the idea that we are dealing with a group of individuals so the there is plenty of room for questions etc. today will be topped off with a yoga session from a brilliant local instructor and it's a great way to end the day, it still counts as resistance, it helps the body relax and de-stress and it is different to any of our other classes so far, tomorrow will be the mid weekers first full day so with them luck and if you can spare a moment leave a message of encouragement on our Facebook site.

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