Posted on 1 Jul 2024

Boosting Nutrients With Nuts And Seeds From FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat

How To Use Nuts And Seeds To Enhance Your Diet

Nuts and seeds from the weight loss retreat

Nuts and seeds are a great form of protein which is so easy to add into every kind of meal. Enhancing your diet by making small adaptions will help you boost your nutrients intake and maintain a balanced, healthy diet.

So, why are nuts and seeds good to add into your diet?

Aren’t nuts high in fat?

Avoiding fatty foods isn’t a way to approach your dieting. You need healthy fats in your diet, and nuts is a great form of healthy fats. Adding nuts and seeds into meals is a great simple way to keep on top of your protein intake. Whether it’s on top of a smoothie, salad or with some yogurt, it’s an easy and accessible way to enhance each of your meals.

Benefits of nuts

Nuts bring many benefits to our health. They provide lots of nutrients into our diet including protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Nuts also boost our heart health, suppress appetite and can prevent diseases such as heart disease.

Benefits of seeds

Chia seeds, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds are great to adapt into your diet, especially when tackling weight loss. Tailoring your diet by adding chia seeds or flaxseeds into some of your meals will increase your fibre intake, essential for boosting your health. A 20g serving of chia seeds contains 6.8g of fibre! Seeds are also a great form of protein, healthy fats and supports your immune system.

How to portion a healthy amount

Nuts are dense in calories, so portion control when it comes to weight loss is key. Aim for a small handful when adding nuts into your diet, around 30g which (depending on the nut) contains around 180-225 calories. Similar to nuts, aim for around 30g per day of seeds. When moderated both nuts and seeds are a great way to improve your overall nutrients.

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