Posted on 1 Aug 2014

Bonding with New Friends - Weight Loss Boot Camp Report - 1 Aug 2014

Today has been a day of mixed emotions and a strange atmosphere, we usually have a group full of people who are exhausted and elated and absolutely ready to go home tomorrow, that is no different with this weeks group of lovely ladies, however there is a group of 9 of our lovely ladies who won't be going home tomorrow and I think that is quite a daunting thought for them.

None the less the group have given it their all in everything today and by the end of presentations this evening it was quite the emotional day they have bonded really well this week and I think today it has hit home for the ladies leaving tomorrow that the support they have experienced on this week will not be all that surrounds them when they go home, but the group has been strong for each other this week and there is no reason that can't continue.

One of the greatest things to come of these weeks is the continued support and the strong relationships built, if there is one tool that will help you succeed through to your goals it's the support of your piers, on a final note from today, we the instructors have another 2 weeks straight through and thanks to the girls of this course we are in great shape for it, it's been a real pleasure working with you and I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about how well your doing.

Good luck girls :-)

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