Posted on 11 Nov 2014

Best Workout Guidelines for Evening Persons

Admit it; some of us aren’t very productive in the morning. While there are morning persons who don’t have a single problem in waking up before dawn to have that run before getting ready for work, there are evening persons who would be happy to have an extra half an hour in bed and start their days later than some people do. While these people start their day late, they also finish late and opt to have their daily workout sessions in the evening after work. Planning workout routines for evening persons can be different from that of the morning persons’ since our bodies perform and react in a different way in varied times of the day.

Pros of Working Out in the Evening. Some morning persons start their day early due to high demands at work and won’t have the time to hit the gym before going to the office. If you fall into this category then working out at night can be your best bet. Some pros of working out in the evening are that there’s a higher chance that you’ll meet a lot of people since there are more people who work out at night when their daily schedule is all clear up; and since you are done for the day, you can also dedicate more time at the gym as opposed to working out in the morning when you have to rush off to start your day at work. Warming up takes less time in the evening since your body is fully awake from the day full of activities. It also curbs your cravings so there’s a little to zero chance of you reaching for that tub of ice cream for a midnight snack.

Which type of exercise works best? Moderate cardio works best since your body is all pumped up after all the activities in the day but make sure to allot 12 hours of interval before you do cardio exercises again. This will give your body ample time to recover from the set of exercises and repair the muscles affected during the workout. An article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology claims that the evening is the best time for anaerobic exercises. It also suggests that our bodies are at their best in building muscles in the evening therefore, strength training workouts and power-based exercises such as weight training are best done at night.

Will it interfere with my sleep? Contrary to the theory that working out at night will interfere with your sleep, a recent study from Arizona State University in Phoenix states that working out at night won’t harm your sleeping patterns. People who work out in the evening are reported to sleeping just as well as people who work out in the morning. Evening workouts might initially seem invigorating but will slowly lead to a state of restfulness.


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