Posted on 17 Jun 2017

Benefits of Massages at FitFarms Boot Camp Courses

IMG_20170416_162652509All the FitFarms boot camp guests have a opportunity to have a treatment and I always recommend to all that they should advantage of this part of the course as it will really help them in so many ways.

As a lot of our clients haven’t done any form of exercise for sometime or they are new to exercise, it will be a shock to their bodies and emotions I wont lie. They push their bodies to the limits (some do) and their body will be thinking “What the hell are you doing to me?” This is where I come in to play!

The  guest will be sore, aching and sometimes finding it hard to walk etc because their muscles are sore and inflamed through the new exercises so they need that soreness to go away or reduce so they can bring their body back down to normal state. It could be either: Sore Neck, Sore Arms, legs, Chest, Backside or just EVERYWHERE!

This is were having a massage will greatly help all FitFarms guests so much. Yes, sometimes its maybe sore and a little uncomfortable but, I can promise you, after having one of my massages, you will feel brand new!

Having a massage will reduce the muscle soreness and stiffness by, untightening the muscles, ligaments and nerves so you can push yourself harder and longer knowing your body is safe.

Most of the clients have a massage and most if not all have more treatments throughout the week as they see how important a Specialist Massage treatment is such an important part of any fitness injury free life.

Most of the time, clients have been living with aches and pains for years which makes exercising difficult because of the discomfort and I will spot that straight away because, as soon as the client arrives, I’m assessing peoples movements, posture etc so I have some idea what’s going on with that particular person. Most of the time I can sort the problem out there and then but other times, I will recommend another massage in the week.

So all in all, I recommend a massage to all FitFarms guests and to everyone that either does exercise or to anyone that doesn’t as its a very important part of looking after your body.

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