Posted on 22 May 2024

Balancing Your Routine Through Weight Loss

Sustaining a Balanced Schedule

Weight Loss Retreat Scheduling

Maintaining a balance throughout your everyday routine is key for all aspects of life. Sustaining consistency and prioritising stability through each part of your life is important, not only to reach a sustainable weight loss, but to also feel fulfilment with your way of life.

Planning out your routine so you have a balance throughout your day-to-day living will improve your overall wellbeing as well as your physical health and managing your weight.

Why is routine important?

Having an equally balanced routine will improve mental health, increase energy levels, and enhance your quality of life. While preventing health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

So, what makes a balanced routine? Prioritising is key when attaining a balanced lifestyle, trying to include an equal priority of family life, social life, work life and time to focus on you can seem impossible. Especially when trying to sustain a healthy lifestyle, having to maintain an exercise schedule and diet on top of this can become unmanageable.

At FitFarms we recommend you plan over everything. Planning an exercise schedule and your meal plan for the week, on top of maintaining time for yourself, your family and making these times realistic with your day-to-day schedule. If you need guidance in fitting a healthy diet into your routine, have a look at the Government’s Eatwell Guide.

Having a calendar can really help throughout weight loss, not only for exercising and dieting but for every aspect of life to keep a healthy balance. This will really support your weight loss journey too, surrounding your life primely with losing weight will make it hard to sustain a progressive weight loss, keeping variety is important. We run lifestyle workshops at our Derbyshire Weight Loss Courses that focus on how to schedule your weight loss.

What should the balance be?

Everyone’s schedule looks different, so finding the right mix for you is important. The 4 key factors to highlight into your schedule are emotional, psychological, physical and social sides of life.

Make time to focus on you, this can include exercising, self-care or doing anything that prioritises yourself. Taking a couple of hours for you a week is key for your wellbeing, as well as maintaining a healthy amount of physical activity. Fitting this into having a balance of family, work and a social life will boost morality by having stability in your routine.

Being realistic is important, overworking yourself will lead to a negative effect on your wellbeing and physical health. So, plan your hours carefully and prioritise every part of your schedule to gain the benefits that come alongside everyday stability and balance.

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