Posted on 9 Feb 2018

Balance in Health and Fitness

Balance and fitnessBalance is what we teach at the FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat

And I don’t mean the kind that allows you to stand on one foot whilst catching a ball!

Balance in life is something that seems to be slipping away in most areas of our lives and society these days. It seems to be our nature to want to be one end or the other but never happily balanced in the middle.

If your thinking of choosing a healthier lifestyle or making some major changes to improve your quality of life, try not to think of the extreme or most direct path in a hope to achieve your goals the quickest. In my experience at the FitFarms weight loss retreat it doesn’t last instead think of the most scenic route the most enjoyable approach the pace and path that allows you to enjoy your efforts and allows you to learn about the world and the people around you rather than brushing it all to the side whilst trying to hit the finish point first.

Obviously, I can’t speak from experience in all walks of life or career choices etc but from a health and well-being point of view I think thanks to the thousands of clients at the weight loss retreat that I’ve had the pleasure to meet through FitFarms and the successes a realistic amount have had it seems to be the most manageable and maintainable approach. If it is a lifestyle change you are wanting to make and not a quick fix then consider balance before anything else.

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