Posted on 27 Jul 2015

Badminton, HIIT, Yoga - Matlock Weight Loss Camp Day, 2 July 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Badminton, HIIT Training and Yoga

Only 2 days left at FitFarms and clients are really starting to notice positive changes in their body composition, fitness and physical appearance. It is amazing! We start today as usual with our wake up workout, this being our final day of exercise sees the group of girls in a great mood and everybody is ready for the completion of the life changing challenge they have set themselves.

After breakfast, we have a short walk down to the local leisure center; where we will spend an hour and a half playing badminton and having a first time go for most at spinning, before we set them loose on the unsuspecting locals enjoying a leisurely swim in the pool. This takes them up until lunch and will prepare the ladies for a strong finish to the week with what is on the timetable for the afternoon.

This afternoon will be the final push, the last blast, the sprint for the finish line! With our last blast session outside consisting mainly of relays and short bursts of energy then snack... And Sean's last session of HIIT training, after this we end the day with a yoga session before dinner and then a salsa session to get them all in the mood for a great presentations session. This may have been the final full day of the week but the girls certainly haven't slowed down, in fact it's safe to say regardless of the results at measurements tomorrow morning this group of girls can absolutely say they gave it everything they had and then some.

It's been another great week at FitFarms and the group have been tremendous, thank you all for this experience and the best of luck for tomorrow!

Andy Baker

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