Posted on 5 Sep 2018

Andy Baker Day 4 at the London Weight Loss Boot Camp


Day 4 in the fitfarms weight loss boot camp house in London

As always we begin with our morning mobiliser but as it’s such a lovely morning we have decided to do it outside on the grass, it’s a beautiful morning at half past 7 it’s already warm enough to sit in the sunshine or shade and not get cold and there is something fantastic about the whole experience of this mornings weight loss boot camp session outside, so come breakfast everyone is feeling good and ready for another day.

After breakfast we have the 2nd section of our nutrition talk and something a little more intensive in terms of exercise, it’s a legs bums and tums session with a half hour stretch after.. you know it’s been a good class when people are still sweating after half an hour stretch .

We always like to change the weeks up as much as we can make every site different to some degree and still manage the approach the same. So although some of our classes maybe more intensive or more aerobic or more resistance based than you’d usually go for we try to ensure that everyone gets benefit and all levels are catered for in the group environment. The afternoon is the program workshop.. an usual one in all honesty it looks at planning and progressing towards your goals and there is just a teeny tiny incy wincy bit of exercise as well .

The workshop itself will be based on the idea that if we are more adaptive and flexible with our lifestyles then we can make them stick a lot easier and we are then able to make it a lifestyle and not just a means to an end.

After dinner as always our final class is one of relaxation and de-stress usually either yoga Pilates stretching or something along those lines this evening it is facilitated stretching a really good way of releasing proprioceptive tension it always goes down well as a class and we usually get some great results from it. Please have a check of the NHS website on destressing. Another steady day has come to an end but with lots to soak up and think about and a big day ahead tomorrow it’s an early night for the group now well into the 2nd half of the week.

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