Posted on 11 Dec 2016

Amazing Fitness Retreat and Holiday in FitFarms Dorset

stop wishing, start doingThe Dorset FitFarms UK weight loss retreat is located in the heart of Blandford forum giving you beautiful views over Dorset from Bulbarrow Hills.

The fitness retreat offers great accommodation as well as use of spa facilities featuring a heated pool, sauna and jetted hot tubs.

Our courses offer varied exercise classes suitable for all abilities, nutritional workshops and deep massage therapy advice as well as the chance to have a free massage during your week with us to help with any aches, pains or just to help you feel fresh and revived again!

FitFarms fitness holidays range from 3-7 days allowing you to chose whichever course suits your diary! Even if it's just for a weekend away full of good nutritious food, advice and fitness!

Fitness holidays in Dorset include beautiful hill walks, countryside walks and town walks. These are all challenging walks in different ways and allows you to see and discover the location of Dorset and it's landscape over the week.

FitFarms offers much more than just exercise and healthy food alone. In fact we aim to focus on helping people to discover what's holding them back currently and continuously achieve in changing people's outlook and mindset on exercise and eating healthily. So much so that our guests leave us with the knowledge and skills to maintain weight loss and healthy living due to this chance in mindset, meaning once they leave us they chose to make the different choices in life.

Dorset is a scenic fitness camp and provides something for everyone no matter what fitness level you are. If you fancy a kick start back in to healthy living or are in need of a fitness holiday ...

Then join FitFarms and let the team help you to achieve your goals and get you back on track!

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