Posted on 17 Aug 2014

Almost Completed Another Great Weight Loss Camp (Report)

Exercise Activities at Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Two days of exercise left, lovely weather and a great group of people loving the exercise and the experience, today is a good day. We have a beautiful local walk to look forward to, as well as the life coaching session with Cara, but we end the day on a sad note as it is our final resistance class this evening. "I know right??" But we won't dwell on that too much.. The excitement begins to build today, whispers of "only another day to go!.. Come on girls we can do this!" Build and travel around camp.

The girls have done so well to this point and if they were to be beaten when so close to the end it would be a tremendous shame. So it's really good to see them rally together and pull each other along, over the last couple of days alone, the girls have done a mixture of circuits, weights, boxing, kick boxing, high intensity intervals, dancing, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aquafit, walks, hula hooping, kettlebells, abs, belly dancing, chairobics, bokwa, kick cardio and after all of this they've still found the energy to tease and taunt me!! ;-)

Just looking at that list I ask the girls "what would you say if we showed you this at the start of the week?" They look at me and for the first time this week! Utter piece and quiet!! relief! however short term it turned out to be.. Only kidding; none of them can believe it, none of them have really let it sink in before now.

This week is always an amazing experience and well worth the leap of faith it takes to book.

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