Posted on 24 Jun 2024

5 Habit Changes To Boost Weight Loss

Tackling Habits to Support Weight Loss

Drinking your calories

Don’t drink calories! So often we don’t realise the impact the sugar in our coffee, juices and alcohol is influencing our weight. When targeting weight loss, cutting out high added sugar drinks will give you that extra boost, making a significant difference in your results. Instead have organic flavoured tea or coffee without sugar. Adapting what you drink to suit your weight loss so your not missing out on your favourite drinks is key for maintaining balance.

Sleep schedule

Always prioritise your sleep. Following a regular sleep routine is vital when targeting weight loss. Including a boost in energy levels, a regulated metabolism, increased awareness and improved weight management. Be strict with yourself about how much sleep you are going to get per night and when you go to sleep and wake up. Building this sort of routine for your body will also help influence how active you are throughout your day to day schedule.

Stick to routine

Follow your routine, with your weight loss incorporated in. If you haven’t already, add into your calendar/phone your exercise regime. When are you going to exercise, where are you going to exercise and who with? Once you’ve established into your pre existing routine where you can fit in this time for you, stick to it. Prioritise it as much as every other part of your schedule, because time working on yourself is important! Adding in your diet plan or other weight loss reminders for yourself can also show to be beneficial. At FitFarms we focus on adapting your routine to a weight loss schedule, to see the FitFarms schedule follow this Link.


The NHS recommendation for daily water intake is 2-3 litres, this can vary based upon height, weight or gender. The majority of people focusing on weight loss don’t know the impact water does have. Water acts as a natural hunger suppressant, reducing binging and snacking urges. Water is also needed to burn fat, boost your workout and remove toxins/waste from the body.

Cut processed foods

Cutting processed food out your diet such as frozen meals, fast food and processed meats won’t only benefit your health but massively aid your weight loss. The majority of processed foods are high in fat, salt and added sugar which can be harmful to your health dramatically increasing the risk of diseases such as diabetes type 2. When focusing on weight loss these types of foods should be avoided in your day to day diet. The NHS have lots of advice on looking out for processed foods and the negative impact they have.

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