Posted on 17 Jun 2024

4 Tips to Sustainable Weight Loss

The 4 FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Tips to a Progressive Fat Loss

Weight Loss Retreat 4 Tips to Weight Loss

1 – Get more sleep

Prioritise sleep. Sleep fuels and heals both our minds and body. Key aspects to a sustainable weight loss. Without a sharp headset it’s impossible to be fully set, focused and determined to exercise, diet and enforce difficult habit changes. The same goes for the body, without resting your body and restoring your energy avoiding exercise and dieting is going to become a lot easier to slip into. So, throughout your weight loss journey prioritise your sleep as much as every other factor that goes towards your weight loss.

2 – Eat more protein

Protein builds muscle, supports a steady metabolism, reduces appetite, suppresses high hunger levels and helps you lose body fat without losing any muscle. Fitting protein into each of your meals will boost you further to a sustainable and progressive weight loss. Protein doesn’t only include meat as many people think, chickpeas, lentils, nuts, seeds and Greek yogurt are all great different types of proteins to try and adapt into your diet. At FitFarms we teach about the importance of protein and the different ways it can support our weight loss. To hear about how some other people found the FitFarms nutrition workshops have a listen to one of our Testimonials.

3 – Weight train

Alongside your exercise regime, mix in and explore weight training. Weight training, alongside increasing your protein intake, builds and strengthens muscle. Increase in muscle mass helps us burn more calories, even throughout your day to day. Start off with a simple weight training plan or consult with a local P.T and give it a go. For more information on how to weight train safety, have a look at Healthline's Beginners Safety Guide.

4 – Snacking between meals

Cutting out snacking between meals can be challenging at the start of dieting. If you make sure your getting enough of the right food groups for breakfast, lunch and dinner your appetite should adapt to this pattern of eating. It may take some time if your making a significant shift from old eating habits to new. Cutting down on snacking helps us recognise more when we really need to eat and when were eating for another reason, alongside increasing the risk of over eating and falling back into bad habits.

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