weight loss retreat testimonials

Spain Weight Loss Retreat Review by Lorraine

Here is another report from the holistic weight loss camp. Lorraine was given an anniversary present by her partner which is a 7 night stay at FitFarms.

She loved the variety of exercise and the nutrition and that FitFarms does not have a boot camp approach to exercise.

Lorraine explains she loves the fitness camp workshops and really liked the team that took her through the week.

Weight Loss Retreat Testimonial by Gina

Gina give her story on the holistic weight loss boot camp that she attended in Derbyshire.

She states that she struggled with her weight since she has been quite young. Once Gina lost 8st and she’s trying to continue with her weight loss.

She chose FitFarms because of the exercise and the sensible eating plan which is easy to follow. You will notice that she says she likes the support you get from the fitness camp team.

Gina lost 18lbs which is quite an achievement.