Fitness Holiday in Derbyshire on Festive Season

run harderThis the last week of the year! And our fitness holiday in Derbyshire is cold and wet!

But we won’t let it dampen our spirits! All of our staff here at Matlock, myself, Georgia, Jodie and Jake are looking forward to bringing you the truly holistic approach and the sensible approach to making long term lifestyle health and wellbeing changes that FitFarms has become so well known for. This week we are going to work WITH you, side by side, to help you work out what is right for you and what small changes you need to make to start you off in the direction you will follow for the rest of your lives… Or as long as you feel it is the right direction for you.

Or maybe your already on that path and you just want a bit of a boost or a little nudge, or maybe you need to take it to the next level and step your efforts up? For that you will love our nutrition and habit change workshops, focusing more on the specifics and deeper understanding of these subjects and how they affect or apply to you these workshops are amazing and so good for looking at how to break down hurdles or make sense of the changes you face and full of information for you to arm yourself with.

So let our final week of the year commence, face our challenges head on and smash through our targets! Welcome to FitFarms weight loss retreat Derbyshire lets go and have some fun!

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FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat Holiday Review – November 2016

3 months from nowFitFarms UK retreat recently held a women’s only course in the heart of Dorset. This weight loss retreat holiday included not only beautiful walks allowing you to see the fantastic views which Dorset has to offer but also the course featured a day trip to Bournemouth allowing clients to venture around Bournemouth, enjoy the Bournemouth sea front and get off resort for some sea side fresh air! During the course our schedules start from 7AM with our morning wake up workout consisting of heart raising aerobic exercise followed by stretching to prepare your body for the day ahead. Your day would then begin starting with breakfast. During the week you’ll indulge in 3 main meals as well as 3 snacks! You’ll learn more than ever before when it comes to nutrition, you’ll be dying to go home and experiment with healthy cooking by the end of the week. After breakfast you’ll typically be getting involved in group exercise until lunch then you’ll be venturing off to explore Dorset…. getting back just in time for aqua aerobics! Once dinner is served you’ll then be taking part in yoga or Pilates allowing you to stretch the body before you head to your bed….with a tasty snack of course! Our fitness retreats give people the chance to get away from the busy lives we lead and allows you to focus on you! Many people come on these courses for many reasons more than just weight loss alone. These retreats are designed in a way to cater for everyone and to allow all abilities to complete the week. 6 hours of exercise a day does seem a little intense however our team is here to help you and to prove to you that you can do it and that you can complete the week! A key feature which our Dorest fitness retreat offers is the fitness spa. This means in your spare time or if you feel a class isn’t to your fancy then you have the option to walk/swim for an hour instead meaning you can keep active and feel motivated knowing you haven’t stopped or given up but just chosen a different type of exercise for an hour. Our FitFarms team always encourages is to keep going and to keep moving even if it does mean swimming instead or taking lower intensities/levels during the week. This week our clients were put through a wide range of classes including mindful movement classes as well as stretching, HIIT training, boxing and kettlebells and aerobic/dance based classes. Our clients also had the chance to participate in yoga, Pilates and salsa during the evening. Every course is different however all clients soon realise that they can do everything they are faced with during the course with a little help which sometimes means adaptions and alternatives are given to them. This is what makes FitFarms the perfect retreat for you! We don’t just teach you how to exercise and to eat in a more nutritional way but we also give you the knowledge and skills to enable you to take away everything you’ve learnt meaning you are able to maintain your weight loss and continue with a more active lifestyle! Once you leave your week with us Maintaining healthy living is the most important thing. We aim to chance lives for the long term not just for the week you’re with us. We Believe in you and by the end of the week you will to!

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Amazing Fitness Retreat and Holiday in FitFarms Dorset

stop wishing, start doingThe Dorset FitFarms UK weight loss retreat is located in the heart of Blandford forum giving you beautiful views over Dorset from Bulbarrow Hills.

The fitness retreat offers great accommodation as well as use of spa facilities featuring a heated pool, sauna and jetted hot tubs.

Our courses offer varied exercise classes suitable for all abilities, nutritional workshops and deep massage therapy advice as well as the chance to have a free massage during your week with us to help with any aches, pains or just to help you feel fresh and revived again!

FitFarms fitness holidays range from 3-7 days allowing you to chose whichever course suits your diary! Even if it’s just for a weekend away full of good nutritious food, advice and fitness!

Fitness holidays in Dorset include beautiful hill walks, countryside walks and town walks. These are all challenging walks in different ways and allows you to see and discover the location of Dorset and it’s landscape over the week.

FitFarms offers much more than just exercise and healthy food alone. In fact we aim to focus on helping people to discover what’s holding them back currently and continuously achieve in changing people’s outlook and mindset on exercise and eating healthily. So much so that our guests leave us with the knowledge and skills to maintain weight loss and healthy living due to this chance in mindset, meaning once they leave us they chose to make the different choices in life.

Dorset is a scenic fitness camp and provides something for everyone no matter what fitness level you are. If you fancy a kick start back in to healthy living or are in need of a fitness holiday …

Then join FitFarms and let the team help you to achieve your goals and get you back on track!

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Walking Exercise, Forest Bathing and Weight Loss Retreat at FitFarms

WalkingThis week at the FitFarms fitness and weight loss holiday retreat in Dorset we took a number of walks and were able to appreciate the lovely autumn colours on the trees. It has been a really nice autumn for the leaves this year and they have been looking especially vibrant around the lanes and villages where we have been walking this week.

Having lovely colours and scenery is one of the most overlooked benefits of walking outdoors but there is a good scientific evidence base to support the health benefits of spending time in nature. In Japan there is a practice called ‘forest bathing’ where people spend time in forests to help recover from stress and illness. It is so effective that it is offered on some insurance plans!

The weeks at FitFarms usually include several walks of between three and six miles. For those of you who are hoping to be pushed in terms of exercise there is always the option to run all or part of the route. For those of you who feel daunted by walking long distances, there are also options for shorter walks, and everyone is free to go at there own pace and we make sure that no one gets left behind.

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Tips for Making Batch Cooking Enjoyable and Healthy

At the FitFarms holiday retreat in Dorset this week we talked during our mentoring groups sessions about batch cooking. Batch cooking can be a really good way to use your time efficiently and still eat healthy meals throughout the week.

Many of our clients have busy lives with work and family commitments taking up much of their time. It can seem daunting to some people to have to find extra time to prepare healthy meals from scratch. Not everyone enjoys cooking, so cooking meals every day can seem like a chore. This is not what you want when you are trying to put more of an emphasis on healthy eating.

One solution might be batch cooking. Batch cooking is when you make several portions of a meal or meals in one go. It is more efficient because you do all of the shopping, prep work, cooking and cleaning all at once. The meals can then be stored in the fridge or the freezer and when you come to eat them there is much less work to do.

How often you do a batch cook is completely up to you. Some people get into a regular routine of preparing all of their meals for the week in one session, perhaps on the weekend. For others it works to do it a few times a week. Not all of your meals have to be prepared this way, so you could just do a batch cook once or twice a month to stock up your freezer so that you always have plenty of home-cooked easy options for when life gets really hectic.

Here are some easy tips for making batch cooking enjoyable and helping you with your goals.

  • Make sure the meals are balanced. After a week at FitFarms and the workshops with Lesley our nutritionist you should have a really good idea of how to put together a balanced plate. You also get a recipe pack with lots of ideas.
  • Make the cooking experience enjoyable. Put on some music, an audio book or a DVD box set while you cook. Cook with your partner, your kids or invite some friends around who also want to batch cook.
  • Portion the food out straight away and put it in the fridge or freezer as soon as it’s cooled. That way you wont be tempted to eat more of it than you would want to at the first sitting.

FitFarms Derbyshire Client Review Nov 2017

FitFarms Review Nov 2017I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed the week at FitFarms Derbyshire in Matlock last week.

It was a fantastic experience, and one I will remember. I learned so much and was able to do so much more than I had ever thought possible. Your fabulous coaches made this possible, and were so supportive, enthusiastic, and kind… I cannot say enough about how precious and generous they were. We worked hard, sweated, and laughed together all week. The fantastic variety of exercise on offer was engaging and made the week flow. The variation of pace, indoor, outdoor was great.

My thanks to Andy particularly for looking after me and his mentor sessions, and for making sure I found time to do a little painting here and there, and for taking me to a good view to enable me to paint a spectacular sunset. I’ll never forget that. Not part of his remit, and totally unexpected and generous. Georgia, with her lovely smile, caring nature and high octane enthusiasm carried me through my ‘hell on earth’ aerobics nightmare. I even enjoyed it. And Becky’s stretch and calming classes got my poor aching body through the week. I went into her classes feeling I could barely walk, and skipped out. I really enjoyed her explanations of how our bodies work. So interesting! And her massages… Well they were a treat for sure. They are a great team. Their differences are their strengths.

The workshops on nutrition was mind blowing, fascinating stuff. Revolutionising the way we will eat from now on. Likewise the change workshop challenged some, I found it important and interesting to revisit old thoughts and embrace knew ones.

Last but most definitely not least, Matthew. What a complete delight. So enthusiastic and willing to share his ideas, and generous with his knowledge. A great attitude- and great food. I ate, and enjoyed, stuff I would never to choose to eat. And I cannot believe I wasn’t hungry! Talk about changes perceptions and understanding. We’ve stocked our cupboards and bought a meat thermometer! I intend to do a bit more cooking!

Experience FitFarms Derbyshire Fitness Retreat

DerbyshireOur UK fitness and weight loss retreat is located in the beautiful surroundings of Darwin larks in the heart of Derbyshire. FitFarms specialises in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle enjoying the food and exercise along the way. We offer various fitness holiday packages ranging from 3-7 days allowing you to get back on track whether its the nutritional side of things or the exercise which you need to add back into your current lifestyle.

This Derbyshire weight loss retreat offers you scenic countryside walks, a mixture of fitness classes and a chance to relax and reflect. Our fitness retreats also offer high standard nutritional advise and help to make your lifestyle the one you want!

Looking for weight loss, a fitness holiday? And break away? Why not experience our Derbyshire fitness retreat and feel revived and ready to by the end of it!

Kickstart your Healthy Living with FitFarms Fitness Holiday

FitFarms Fitness Retreat Kickstart Healthy LivingDo you need a boost but everything feels like too much of an effort? Do you find yourself avoiding exercise or skipping exercise classes because you worry you aren’t fit enough or worry you won’t fit in? Well if you are, FitFarms is the place for you!

My names Georgia Taylor and I’m one of the group exercise instructors who deals with people like yourself on a weekly basis. My aim is to make sure all of my classes are adaptable so everyone can take part! Here at this UK fitness retreat my job is to give alternatives to all of you who need it! Sadly this means no excuses because we can always adapt classes so you can complete them all!

FitFarms is all about getting you back into exercise and hopefully getting you to understand the importance of exercise as well as enjoying yourself and having fun alone the way. Our weight loss retreat allows you to make friends during the week and you’ll soon realise a lot of people are in the same boat as you when it comes to doubting themselves when it comes to exercise. But we are all in this together and as a team we will complete the course and achieve so much more than weight loss alone.

This fitness holiday may be exactly what you need to get you back to where you want to be …

Real advice, real personal trainers, a real kickstart into healthy living!

Come and join us and make the change!

Why Go to FitFarms Fitness Retreat?

Why FitFarms Fitness RetreatLooking for a change of mind, a change of attitude, maybe a different outlook on healthy eating and exercise? If so FitFarms is certainly the place for you!

We offer 3-7 day courses whether you just need a little boost or whether you need a good kickstart in the right direction! Here at FitFarms our fitness retreat offers something for everyone. Being mindful doesn’t come easy and it’s certainly easy to forget about daily exercise and eating mindfully when we lead the busy lives we do. This weight loss retreat is designed in a way that allows you to take time for yourself in between all the exercise, to reflect on what’s maybe holding you back and the barriers which are stopping you from achieving your goals.

The team at FitFarms focus on delivering the course via a relaxed approach. The reason for this is because we focus on maintaining healthy living and we want our clients to leave us with the knowledge and motivation to want to continue with this healthier happier lifestyle.

All classes at our UK fitness retreat are designed to cater for everyone so no need to worry about whether you think you’re fit enough or not….adaptions are always available and our aim is to help everyone to understand exercise is for everyone not just for those who are seen as fit!

A week away, a fitness holiday, weight loss, a full range of varied exercise, beautiful walks, stunning locations, a new experience, a team approach as well as high standard nutritional workshops topped with mouthwatering food! You won’t believe how healthy food can taste so good!

If you are up for the change, a new start or just a boost to get you back on track book onto a course today! This weight loss retreat is waiting for you!

Importance of Proper Breathing

proper breathing exerciseThe importance of proper breathing as we will be practising at the Devon weight loss boot camp and all our other UK Retreats

Most people breath using their chest and so don’t fully utilise their lung capacity. Breathing from the abdomen deeply, not only is good for fitness but it can also assist with weight loss alongside a healthy controlled diet. Deep diaphragm breathing techniques as shown by our Fitness and weigh loss boot camp trainers and yoga instructors will really help change your life.

Aside from weight loss proper breathing can assist in getting a decent nights sleep. Breathing deeply in and out of the nose enables the hair follicles and mucus membrane to act as natural filters, purifying the air going into our lungs. Similarly to how a day out in the fresh air feels on one of our Fitfarms Boot camp retreats you to can achieve something similar in everything you do by breathing completely and fully using deep abdominal breathing. When breathing fully your organs work optimally and your are able to regulate your mind and body, thus helping in getting a good nights sleep.

There are three basic types of breathing. Clavicular breathing is the most shallow and worst possible type. The shoulders and collarbone are raised awhile the abdomen is contracted during inhalation. Maximum effort is made but a minimum amount of air is obtained, Intercostal breathing is done with the rib muscles expanding the rib cage and is the second type of incomplete breathing. Deep abdominal breathing is the best during your stay at our boot camp as it brings air into the lowest and largest part of the lungs. Breathing is slow and deep, and proper use is made of the diaphragm and so assisting with your exercise at Fitfarms.

Actually none of the types are complete. A full yogic breath combines all three, beginning with a deep breath and continuing the inhalation through the intercostal and clavicular areas. To get the feel of proper diaphragmatic breathing, which you will experience on our Boot camps wear loose clothing and lie on the back. Place the hand on the upper abdomen, where the diaphragm is located. Breathe in and out slowly. The abdomen should expand outward as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Try to get the feeling of this motion.

To experience a ‘full yogic breathe’, sit up and place one hand on the abdomen and the other on the rib cage. Breathe in slowly; expand the abdomen, then the rib cage and finally the upper portion of the lungs. Then, breathe out in the same manner, letting the abdomen cave in as you exhale then the rib cage. This is the best type of breathing to do, not only at our weight loss boot camp but when walking or driving or doing just about anything.

Special blog post from Claire Swaffield, FitFarms Yoga Instructor and Behaviour Change Expert/Facilitator

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