FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 7

Stop wishing start doingWell, the Fitness Course at Dorset has just finished and guess what?????? I’m only flying straight to Spain to start my second week at the FitFarms Spain Course!!! Exciting or what, mainly because its one place I’ve never been……

I can honestly say, the journey to Bristol Airports was a funny one. Andy was leading, I was in the middle followed by Stephen in a Jeep that had a mind of its own when it wants to move or not!! Lost Stephen a few times but I thought he’s was just driving slow. That’s not saying we was driving fast but…… we did need to make our flight lol.

We got parked up on the airport car park as we checked in and handed our keys over before I made our was to departures. Exciting times ahead, I could feel it in my bones, or that may have been the cold as it was FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFREEZIN!!!!

Anyway, we made our way around as Stephen got the coffees in as a was gagging for one to be honest with how rushed we were to get from Dorset to Bristol Airport.

We were waiting for Georgia to meet us there as she was coming as part of the Fitness Team which by the way was Me, Andy, Georgia and Stephen to make sure the Spain Fitness Course ran smoothly.

All checked in ok and made our way to the Air Craft. Talk about a cattle market! Its was sooooooo busy but hey hoo I didn’t care as I was going to…… SPAIN!

Flight went well, was taking loads of pics out off the window and took quite a few pics of the Alps which but the way looked gorgeous as Stephen was messing about on his BlackBerry on my right and Andy making beautiful music NOT to my left. Yes, I was squashed in the middle he he.

One the other side of the plane there was lovely Georgia sat with some very strange men. But, she was only listening to her music with her eyes closed so she says, yeah, whatever she’s was a kip but, I’ve never seen someone hold on to their Laptop as tight as she did. True talent. Well done cocka

I was warned my Andy that the landing is sometimes hard and he’s wasn’t joking! My backside came through my mouth, talk about a hard landing….

Anyhow, we got to Spain in one peace and started to head out to collect our rental cars. But first, we needed food!!!! Stephen pottered always to sort the cars out and we had a little mooch around.

Cars sorted so that mean one thing, lets get to the FitFarms Spain Villa YEAHHHHHHH…..

I’m not going in to this but……. Stephens driving in a different country is truly a eye opener that’s all I will say but, it did get A BIT better… Not much, But a bit he he he.

We needed dinner so we stopped off at the harbour and walked to a lovely Cafe where we had out food outside. I had a beautiful bit of Lamb in a way I’ve never had before and a coffee that hit the spot just where I needed it…..

We had been given the news that we couldn’t get in to the villa until Saturday morning so Stephen booked us in to a really nice hotel. The view from my window was fantastic as I was right on the sea front. The sound of the sea coming on the beach was beautiful and as made even better at night, stunning.

That night, we all had a walk around and had a few Fitness Team Drinks (me coffee and fruit juice as I don’t drink) and lots of laughs and that’s when I really started to see myself as a part of the FitFarms Fitness Team and it was a great feeling. Loved it.

Me and Georgia went back to the hotel as we were soooooo tired as the to lads had a few more drinks before they headed back to the hotel.

Next morning I looked out of the window and saw Georgia sat reading her book in the sun and the sea front. The Lads where meant to meat outside at a certain time I,e 9am but guess what……. no sign of them so, I said I’m just gonna pop up and see how they are. There were both dead on their beds, Andy still fully clothed and Stephen well, all I could see was his bald head sticking out from the covers. A lovely sight I must say he he…..

It was time to get the show on the road and get to the Spain Course venue for the Fitness Camp Week.

I was feeling so excited about the week and seeing what guests we have arriving later that day.

Lets see what the day holds…..


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FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat March 2017 Review – 1

jason photoWell, its my first week working for the FitFarms weight loss retreat in Dorset and I can honestly say, I’m a little nervous and I’m really not sure what to expect. Yes, I’ve done this type of work for years, but, its something new and all……

Its the first time I’ve come to Dorset, I’ve travelled throughout the country but, never here and it BEAUTIFUL!

Well, I got there and I hadn’t got a clue where to go so I wont lie, the butterflies in the tummy were a little busy hehehe.

I saw the fitness camp team park up next to me and straight away, my nerves had gone, work mode kicked. The fitness team were great and I instantly felt right at home, or shall I say on a holiday camp or even a holiday…..

I soon got stuck in moving chairs from the fitness studio which was on the other side of the holiday complex to where we were setting up. After all that, I got my stuff together and moved to all the my room which I was surprised as the room was lovely, plus I had a double bed all to myself.

After sorting my stuff out, I helped one of the fitness team out putting all the fitness folders together for when the guests arrived later on in the afternoon.

Guests all started to arrive which meant one thing, work time and begun and I was really excited because I knew I was going to bring something new to the fitness course.

All the guests were really nice and I thought to myself why was i worrying as all this second natural to me.

The week went really well, I brought a breath of fresh air to the fitness camp through my personality and all my classes. Shown them all how fun aerobics can be fun and to be enjoyed which all the Weight Loss camp did so I was sooooo pleased and proud of everyone as its something different and a lot of people there hadn’t done anything like this before, I mean a mad head instructor like me he he.

I also did all the massage treatments on the fitness course for the guests which went down a storm. Most if not everyone wanted my hands more than once and I spotted and sorted most of the problems the guests had either from before the fitness course or during as the exercise was new for some so, a lot of sore muscles to soothe. As well as sorting their bodies out, I also educated them on what was happening to their bodies and giving them the knowledge of how to keep them injury from stretching etc.

It was a hard week but it was all worth it as I loved every minute of the fitness course from teaching, the guests, the fitness team and also doing my massage work. I had such a great time and as soon as this course is finished here in beautiful Dorset, I’m flying straight the next fitness boot camp course in Spain.

Hopefully, FitFarms will want me to do more, more and more work for them as I can see that I have lots to off the fitness course.


Family Bonding through Yoga

Family YogaThese days people are so preoccupied with juggling daily activities that we don’t even get to spend enough time with our families. Add that to the fact that it can be hard to squeeze in a proper fitness regimen into our packed schedules. As we all know, family time and getting exercise are both important for one’s well-being, so why not combine the two?

Why not try a yoga session with the entire family? There are quite a few benefits to starting a fitness and meditation routine with people you love dearly such as the following:

First off, the yoga poses or asanas are a great way to become more balanced. There’s a lot of stretching and bending in yoga, making it great for physical fitness – even the older members can participate because they can use yoga props so they don’t have to strain themselves so much to practice. Also, because of the meditation involved, it’s also a good mental and emotional exercise.

Speaking of meditation, yoga is an excellent stress-reliever. Breathing and focusing techniques taught in yoga can help members calm themselves and find respite from whatever’s pressuring them.

Because this ancient art helps balance the body, mind, and spirit, doing the centuries-old exercises as a family can help strengthen bonds. When the mind and body are relaxed, everyone’s moods will improve so that the family members can get fit while learning more about being more sensitive to each other. It’s a great way to be more open to each other and to encourage everyone to get some exercise.

Plus, compared to doing it alone where one can easily make excuses to put it off, doing yoga with family means everyone can stay on the path to health and fitness – and members can also help each other through the more difficult asanas so that it’s safer for everyone.

Now to get the entire family more excited about the prospect of doing yoga together, here are a few tips:

  1. After a few sessions getting the basics down, it might be a good idea to let each member be the “instructor” so that they can come up with a sequence they want to do. Let family members get creative!
  2. If it’s too hard to invite family members initially, one way to get them to join you is to practice where they can see you. Once they see how much you enjoy it or how relaxed you’re becoming thanks to the practice, they may consider pulling up a mat beside you.
  3. Getting creative with games, costumes, and stories is a great strategy for families with younger children. Integrating music and dance-like elements may pique the interest of toddlers and preschool-aged kids and can serve as an introduction to yoga.
  4. As mentioned earlier, there are props and equipment like yoga sticks and bricks that can help older and less-flexible family members perform the poses that they otherwise couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be scary as long as everyone is encouraging and helpful to one another.
  5. Plan a yoga holiday. There are many family-friendly vacation sites all over the world that are perfect for the yoga-practicing family. These fitness resorts range from luxury farm settings, mountainside retreats, and beach resorts and teach everything from yoga to pilates to proper nutrition, and one can definitely find an option perfect for any budget.

So take the opportunity to get fit and healthy and spend time with your family by doing yoga (or even other exercises like Zumba, aerobics, and outdoor activities like hiking or football). It may be one of the best things you do for your loved ones.

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Check out FitFarms for Families, a fitness camp designed for parents and children.
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FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 6

spain fitfarms march 2017Thursday at FitFarms Spain was great day because of the great mix of exercise. Today was also the day when we did the port rock face walk which out of all the walks has the best views.

First up at 7.30 AM is body combat with our new super trainer Jason. There were kicks and punches whilst are 16 ladies and 1 man became very physical by poolside. Jason has a dance background so every now and again he would take the group in and out of a little dance just to mix things up.

When body fat had finished we all went into Bob’s breakfast. I would like to say a great thank you to Bob because every meal we have had a great tasting sensation. He really does make healthy food exciting and fun!

Then it’s the walk. Some people have not been looking forward to it because there is a steep hill at the beginning and this really lifts the heart rate and makes muscles fatigue quite quickly. We leave the villa at 9:15 AM and make our way down to the port through the quiet market streets of Javea.

Once at the port we meet Stephen (me) who tops everyone up with water before they tackle the hill. We always give options at FitFarms making every task that we do during the day manageable but also challenging. I must say I was surprised when the options were given and everyone said yes I want to do the hill. There was one lady who ummed a little bit but then said yes I’m here for the challenge. She had a minor knee problem a few years ago so was a little concerned that she may start but could not finish. When re-assured that a safety vehicle will be driving up and down the hill she became more confident. We forgot to mention it was me driving the safety vehicle so there was actually even more chance of injury now!

One group made it all the way to the top which is fantastic. The others were picked up when they reached their limits which is their own individual finish points. However the lady who ummed at the beginning went to the top which was simply amazing. It just goes to show what you can do when you start and it’s usually the not starting which is the major hold back when gauging individual success. Well done Tina the views and you were breathtaking!

When we arrived back at the villa it was lunch time and once again Bob did us proud. Mixed Paella which consist of chicken, fish, vegetables and rice that is cooked in chicken stock. Very tasty!

The afternoon was action packed full of exercise sessions and a programmes workshop showing people how to devise their own programmes.

It was a great day had by all and the guests are asking questions about tomorrow which is a great sign as they are being keen and interested ‎in exercise and nutrition. Lifestyles are changing before our eyes!

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 5

This week our FitFarms retreat was held in the heart of Jeava situation in Spain. The weight loss retreat ran from Saturday to Saturday with days starting from 7:30 am until 8 pm. The retreat offered constant sunshine for guests to workout in and kept everyone in high spirits whilst they were put through their paces. The classes delivered during the course featured Aqua aerobics in the private outdoor pool as well as stretch and mobility classes, boxing, Zumba, aerobics, dance, core sessions, legs bums and tums and finally Tabatha and lots of circuits and high intensity interval training workouts. Alongside this varied timetable we were also able to provide and deliver various walks including costal, beach and simple but scenic walks. Our retreat offers something for everyone and every ability so you don’t need to worry about ‘being fit enough’

Our courses are ran in a way to encourage and motivate all clients to do their best and to enjoy the experience. To ensure this we offer everyone a massage mid week to help you recover and relax during your time with us. Each week guests find themselves in the same boat as others on the course which again helps people to push each other and achieve in making positive changes to there current lifestyle.

If you fancy a kick start, a healthy week away, a week to get back on track with exercise and nutrition or to simply lose a few pounds ready for the summer then contact us today and book your place for 2017 and get that health kick you want and deserve.

Call today! Limited 2017 spaces available

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 4

Fish SectionToday was one of those great days when you can see a difference. Looking around you can see that people’s bodies are changing, they are becoming more physically capable and mentally the group is on big buzz. Everyone is so motivated there is one goal and we are all going forward together to reach it as a team.

I always think the best form of motivation is when it comes from within which is called intrinsic motivation opposed to extrinsic which means it comes externally. I can remember once watching an international football match and the commentator talking about the national coach saying “if he did have a weakness it would be is ability to motivate a team”. Personally I think that’s a little bit worrying because you should always feel motivated to play for your country and really it should be an honour.

However we don’t have any problems here at FitFarms because people have usually saved their hard earnt money to be with us, taken holiday time from work and on this occasion jumped on an aeroplane to be with us. We as a team are definitely honoured that you did all that to join us for a week, thank you!

First up this morning was a session by the pool with Georgia stretching out those muscles making everyone agile for the day. Then we went into some high intensity exercise which was tough in the heat but very rewarding for everyone.

In the afternoon it was the nutrition workshop which was taken by our in house nutritional therapist Lesley Harper. Nutrition science changes on a daily basis so this one is always a real eye opener. It was loved by all!

Pool workouts were the main event in the afternoon which was tailored to the individual so everyone could work out at the correct fitness level for their ability.

We ended the day by going to the local fish market to select some local Mediterranean fish for the guests. We went for a meaty white fish similar to hake and red snapper. What a culinary delight!

FitFarms Workout Session from Spain Holistic Fitness Retreat in Javea

today i get to workout








Warm up:

  • Warm up using mobilisers
  • Warm up and loosen off before exercise for around 10 minutes

Main session:

  • 30-40 mins


  • Resistance bands of mixed resistance
  • Fitball or unstable surface
  • Dumbbells medium weight
  • Kettlebells medium weight


  • Glute bridge on fitball
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Resistance band wood chop
  • Alternate shoulder press


  • 15 minutes to complete as many rounds of 10 reps per exercise as you can
  • 5 minute recovery maximum
  • Side lunges with dumbbells
  • Alt single arm swings
  • 4x 20 reps total 20 seconds rest between sets
  • Lateral and front raises with resistance band
  • Over head squats with fitball
  • Alternating upright row with dumbbells
  • Kettlebell snatch
  • 30 seconds per exercise x3 circuits

Look out for our instructional video on this session on our YouTube channel filmed at our Spanish weight loss and fitness retreat in Javea.


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FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 3

IMG_20170320_141446Early morning start today and it was Andy Baker from the FitFarms Health Team who performed a high intensity 1 hour session which raised the spirits as well as the blood pressure of the fitness camp guests.

We then went into breakfast which was a well received porridge and prunes. In the past this hasn’t been the most popular of breakfast but hats of to Chef Robert making the dish quite exciting with some clever additions.

Following breakfast we had the local walk which we risk assessed yesterday. This walk starts from the fitness camp villa ‎and we wriggle are way through the local Mediterranean streets passing colourful flower pots and people on our way down to the historic port of Javea. When we reach the port we have that important water stop to cool down that 20 degrees temperature which guests are enjoying.

Then there is a gentle walk going from the port to the beach where everyone stops for a well deserved rest. The option is given to jump in a mini bus and get a ride back or walk through the commercial are back to the villa. Four people who really pushed themselves on the down opted for the lift and the others walked.

It really was a fantastic morning of exercise, laughter and a welcomed physical tiredness as you know that you’re making those all-important physical changes to your body.

Another tasty Spanish lunch prepared and served by our Dutch chef Robert and we moved into the second workshop of the week!

The fitness workshop really educates guests on the benefits of exercise and steers them to make the correct exercise choices at the right time. This was taken at poolside which really is totally relaxing and only something we could do at our Spain course. The next Spain course will be in September and all though not yet advertised we are 75% full. We will be advertising the remaining spaces online shortly where you can reserve your space online or call us on 08006343070 / 07766240446 to reserve your space over the phone.

The afternoon is absolutely action packed with a great variety of fitness. First up ‎its circuit training with Gerogia and then we go into balls and bells with Andy. Balls are fit balls and we will be working on the core strength and bells is kettlebells and fortunately Andy is a master kettlebell trainer so it’s always a much loved session.

Dinner is a local fish salad today with a Mediterranean caper sauce and this will be followed by an active stretch.

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 2

Sunday morning starts very early at 6.30am with measurements. We test everyone individually for body fat percentage, actual body weight on scales, hip and waist measurements with a tape measure. On the FitFarms fitness camp courses we explain to the guests that we try not to focus on the scales because it’s not a true indication of how healthy you are weight wise and people can become obsessed making them a slave to the scales.

Next up is breakfast and today was scrambled eggs and a salmon sauce on the wholemeal bread which was absolutely yum! Straight after breakfast we went into an introduction to aerobics which was taken by the new FitFarms dance instructor Jason Broadway. Jason is immensely talented and before FitFarms he use to be a presentation dance instructor for Fit Pro!

‎Then to balance the exercise programme we go into resistance training which is taken by the smiley Georgia. She covers all the techniques in detail to make sure everyone is going to be safe as we progress during the week.

Two members of the health team go on a run to risk assess a walk which goes from the villa to the port and along the seaside to a beach area. This walk is a popular one because it gives the guests a chance to see the local area.

Whilst on the run the group are in the swimming pool ‎listening to some re mix 80′s music whilst bopping to Georgia’s aqua aerobics moves. It’s always a great workout and obviously something we can’t do at this time of the year in the UK so it’s well received by all.

IMG_20170319_154327Lunch was Pork or Fish with mashed cauliflower and a mixed herb salad with a squeeze of lemon. In the ‎car park outside the villa there are lemon trees growing so Robert the chef is able to pick them for salads. The guests comment on how fresh and tasty the salad is which is largely to do with the freshness of the juice and local nutty virgin olive oil.

Later on today we have a hike on the mountain range which everyone is looking forward to as it’s quite a spectacle

FitFarms Nairn’s Oatcake with Halloumi Snack Recipe

Nairn OatcakeHere we have a delicious, light, satisfying and elegant snack. This is a simple snack which can be made in a matter of minutes. It consists of a Nairn’s oatcake, a pan fried slice of Halloumi and topped with a simple Tomato and Basil Salsa.

  • Cut one tomato into a fine dice
  • Finely chop a few leaves of basil and add to the chopped tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and season
  • Slice 1cm of Halloumi and pan fry on both sides until slightly brown
  • Add to a Nairn Oatcake and dollop the salsa mix on top and ENJOY

This snack is nutritionally well balanced as the simple carbohydrates will digest with the Halloumi (which is a good fat and protein source) to slowly release energy to get you through until lunch/dinner. Nairn oatcakes are a cupboard must have as you can top them with more or less anything you want from peanut butter and apple to cottage cheese and cucumber.

By Matthew Rankmore
Head Chef
FitFarms Limited