FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 4

Fish SectionToday was one of those great days when you can see a difference. Looking around you can see that people’s bodies are changing, they are becoming more physically capable and mentally the group is on big buzz. Everyone is so motivated there is one goal and we are all going forward together to reach it as a team.

I always think the best form of motivation is when it comes from within which is called intrinsic motivation opposed to extrinsic which means it comes externally. I can remember once watching an international football match and the commentator talking about the national coach saying “if he did have a weakness it would be is ability to motivate a team”. Personally I think that’s a little bit worrying because you should always feel motivated to play for your country and really it should be an honour.

However we don’t have any problems here at FitFarms because people have usually saved their hard earnt money to be with us, taken holiday time from work and on this occasion jumped on an aeroplane to be with us. We as a team are definitely honoured that you did all that to join us for a week, thank you!

First up this morning was a session by the pool with Georgia stretching out those muscles making everyone agile for the day. Then we went into some high intensity exercise which was tough in the heat but very rewarding for everyone.

In the afternoon it was the nutrition workshop which was taken by our in house nutritional therapist Lesley Harper. Nutrition science changes on a daily basis so this one is always a real eye opener. It was loved by all!

Pool workouts were the main event in the afternoon which was tailored to the individual so everyone could work out at the correct fitness level for their ability.

We ended the day by going to the local fish market to select some local Mediterranean fish for the guests. We went for a meaty white fish similar to hake and red snapper. What a culinary delight!

FitFarms Workout Session from Spain Holistic Fitness Retreat in Javea

today i get to workout








Warm up:

  • Warm up using mobilisers
  • Warm up and loosen off before exercise for around 10 minutes

Main session:

  • 30-40 mins


  • Resistance bands of mixed resistance
  • Fitball or unstable surface
  • Dumbbells medium weight
  • Kettlebells medium weight


  • Glute bridge on fitball
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Resistance band wood chop
  • Alternate shoulder press


  • 15 minutes to complete as many rounds of 10 reps per exercise as you can
  • 5 minute recovery maximum
  • Side lunges with dumbbells
  • Alt single arm swings
  • 4x 20 reps total 20 seconds rest between sets
  • Lateral and front raises with resistance band
  • Over head squats with fitball
  • Alternating upright row with dumbbells
  • Kettlebell snatch
  • 30 seconds per exercise x3 circuits

Look out for our instructional video on this session on our YouTube channel filmed at our Spanish weight loss and fitness retreat in Javea.


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FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 3

IMG_20170320_141446Early morning start today and it was Andy Baker from the FitFarms Health Team who performed a high intensity 1 hour session which raised the spirits as well as the blood pressure of the fitness camp guests.

We then went into breakfast which was a well received porridge and prunes. In the past this hasn’t been the most popular of breakfast but hats of to Chef Robert making the dish quite exciting with some clever additions.

Following breakfast we had the local walk which we risk assessed yesterday. This walk starts from the fitness camp villa ‎and we wriggle are way through the local Mediterranean streets passing colourful flower pots and people on our way down to the historic port of Javea. When we reach the port we have that important water stop to cool down that 20 degrees temperature which guests are enjoying.

Then there is a gentle walk going from the port to the beach where everyone stops for a well deserved rest. The option is given to jump in a mini bus and get a ride back or walk through the commercial are back to the villa. Four people who really pushed themselves on the down opted for the lift and the others walked.

It really was a fantastic morning of exercise, laughter and a welcomed physical tiredness as you know that you’re making those all-important physical changes to your body.

Another tasty Spanish lunch prepared and served by our Dutch chef Robert and we moved into the second workshop of the week!

The fitness workshop really educates guests on the benefits of exercise and steers them to make the correct exercise choices at the right time. This was taken at poolside which really is totally relaxing and only something we could do at our Spain course. The next Spain course will be in September and all though not yet advertised we are 75% full. We will be advertising the remaining spaces online shortly where you can reserve your space online or call us on 08006343070 / 07766240446 to reserve your space over the phone.

The afternoon is absolutely action packed with a great variety of fitness. First up ‎its circuit training with Gerogia and then we go into balls and bells with Andy. Balls are fit balls and we will be working on the core strength and bells is kettlebells and fortunately Andy is a master kettlebell trainer so it’s always a much loved session.

Dinner is a local fish salad today with a Mediterranean caper sauce and this will be followed by an active stretch.

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 2

Sunday morning starts very early at 6.30am with measurements. We test everyone individually for body fat percentage, actual body weight on scales, hip and waist measurements with a tape measure. On the FitFarms fitness camp courses we explain to the guests that we try not to focus on the scales because it’s not a true indication of how healthy you are weight wise and people can become obsessed making them a slave to the scales.

Next up is breakfast and today was scrambled eggs and a salmon sauce on the wholemeal bread which was absolutely yum! Straight after breakfast we went into an introduction to aerobics which was taken by the new FitFarms dance instructor Jason Broadway. Jason is immensely talented and before FitFarms he use to be a presentation dance instructor for Fit Pro!

‎Then to balance the exercise programme we go into resistance training which is taken by the smiley Georgia. She covers all the techniques in detail to make sure everyone is going to be safe as we progress during the week.

Two members of the health team go on a run to risk assess a walk which goes from the villa to the port and along the seaside to a beach area. This walk is a popular one because it gives the guests a chance to see the local area.

Whilst on the run the group are in the swimming pool ‎listening to some re mix 80′s music whilst bopping to Georgia’s aqua aerobics moves. It’s always a great workout and obviously something we can’t do at this time of the year in the UK so it’s well received by all.

IMG_20170319_154327Lunch was Pork or Fish with mashed cauliflower and a mixed herb salad with a squeeze of lemon. In the ‎car park outside the villa there are lemon trees growing so Robert the chef is able to pick them for salads. The guests comment on how fresh and tasty the salad is which is largely to do with the freshness of the juice and local nutty virgin olive oil.

Later on today we have a hike on the mountain range which everyone is looking forward to as it’s quite a spectacle

Making Walks More Interesting

walking exerciseThis week at the FitFarms holiday weight loss retreat in Dorset we talked about ways to spice up your walks and keep you motivated.

Walking is a great way to get increase the amount of movement that you are getting. It ticks all of the boxes; it is low impact so its easy on your joints; it’s low intensity which keeps you in the aerobic heart rate range – ideal for those trying to manage their weight; it’s weight bearing, meaning your tissues are supporting themselves under the force of gravity, which encourages healthy bone density and guards against osteoporosis; it gets you outside in the fresh air which is great for your mood and relaxation.

Unfortunately, many people see walking as boring so they aren’t motivated to do as much of it as they know they should. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ideas for making walks more interesting.

  • Get a walking buddy – find a friend, family member to go walking with. This will give you some accountability when you make plans and help you stick to your goals. And its a chance to connect with others, which is great for improving your mood. If you don’t have anyone locally you can try and find a buddy through websites like www.findafitnessbuddy.co.uk or use your walks to catch up with long distance friends on the phone.
  • Get into podcasts – podcasts are an amazing free resource. Any topic or genre you are interested in I can bet there is a podcast to match. Dramas, documentary’s, health and nutrition – you can learn an amazing amount, and you’ll find the miles just fly by. All you need is an app for your smartphone Apple Podcast and Stitcher are two popular ones. You use the app to search for, download and play the shows which are completely free!
  • Borrow a dog – A dog is a great excuse to get out and about and strikes a good balance between companionship and getting some headspace for yourself away from others. If you don’t know anyone with a dog, check out www.borrowmydoggy.com
  • Take up photography – going for a walk to improve your health doesn’t have to be all about wearing Lycra and sweat bands! If you have more of an artistic bent, wondering through your neighborhood with a camera gives you a whole new perspective on the place, and some beautiful photographs as a bonus.

Image Credit: www.thehealthsite.com

High and Low Intensity Exercise – Derbyshire Fitness Holiday Review

weight loss resolutionThe recent camp in Derbyshire, FitFarms weight loss retreat have put guests through 7 days of constant fitness. Our weight loss retreat entails 6 hours of high and low intensity exercise daily including beautiful countryside walks, runs, aerobic based classes, mobility classes as well as resistance workout routines.

Our guests are served dinner at half 5PM and then put through either yoga, salsa or stretch and relaxation classes before heading for an early night.

The Derby retreat includes a range of workshops to help our clients understand why exercise is so important and how we can fit exercise into our lifestyle without drastic changes having to be made. We also provide two nutritional workshops which are presented over two days lasting upto two hours long allowing you to get all your questions answered. Nutrition is key and this workshop gives our clients the tools and skills to make that positive change in there lives and MAINTAIN IT!

Our courses are for all abilities and our aim is to help everyone successfully complete the course. If 7 days of exercise seems a bit to much of a jump for you right now that’s perfectly ok. We understand this and because of this we offer anything from 2-7night courses. This is because we understand our clients and we aim to help meet your needs! We are here for you and we will go out of our way to make your time with us everything you need to get back on track.

FitFarms retreat are running over 20 courses in 2017 featuring:

And more…

Call today to find out more information and to reserve your place!

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FitFarms Derbyshire Client Review Nov 2017

FitFarms Review Nov 2017I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed the week at FitFarms Derbyshire in Matlock last week.

It was a fantastic experience, and one I will remember. I learned so much and was able to do so much more than I had ever thought possible. Your fabulous coaches made this possible, and were so supportive, enthusiastic, and kind… I cannot say enough about how precious and generous they were. We worked hard, sweated, and laughed together all week. The fantastic variety of exercise on offer was engaging and made the week flow. The variation of pace, indoor, outdoor was great.

My thanks to Andy particularly for looking after me and his mentor sessions, and for making sure I found time to do a little painting here and there, and for taking me to a good view to enable me to paint a spectacular sunset. I’ll never forget that. Not part of his remit, and totally unexpected and generous. Georgia, with her lovely smile, caring nature and high octane enthusiasm carried me through my ‘hell on earth’ aerobics nightmare. I even enjoyed it. And Becky’s stretch and calming classes got my poor aching body through the week. I went into her classes feeling I could barely walk, and skipped out. I really enjoyed her explanations of how our bodies work. So interesting! And her massages… Well they were a treat for sure. They are a great team. Their differences are their strengths.

The workshops on nutrition was mind blowing, fascinating stuff. Revolutionising the way we will eat from now on. Likewise the change workshop challenged some, I found it important and interesting to revisit old thoughts and embrace knew ones.

Last but most definitely not least, Matthew. What a complete delight. So enthusiastic and willing to share his ideas, and generous with his knowledge. A great attitude- and great food. I ate, and enjoyed, stuff I would never to choose to eat. And I cannot believe I wasn’t hungry! Talk about changes perceptions and understanding. We’ve stocked our cupboards and bought a meat thermometer! I intend to do a bit more cooking!

Matlock in the Autum

think about why you startedHere at our Matlock fitness retreat, the weight loss camp is a few days into its swing. Today, we have Lesley’s nutritional workshop and some of Beccas mindful movement classes in the afternoon finished by a stretch with Georgia in the evening.

So for the morning session in true FitFarms style we are going to focus on some fat burning ☺️. During our weight loss retreats whether at Matlock Derbyshire, Malvern Worcestershire, or Woolland in Dorset, the approach is the same, the clients will endure around 6 hours a day of exercise and activity and we have clients from very fit and active, to very unfit and never having done or felt the need to do exercise ever in the past. Because of our sensible approach to exercise we have been able to put together a varied and enjoyable program that delivers a new way of looking at exercise, activities and a healthy lifestyle.

Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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Squats Good or Bad?

squats weight loss exerciseAs anyone who has been to one of our FitFarms weight loss camps will painfully tell you. We use them a lot! It has always been a strongly debated point as to whether squatting was harmful or dangerous or whether it had any positive health benefits.

For instance in the sports development world there are many that believe training should be “specific” as in movements that are complex and adaptive and that mirror the mechanical and neural stresses of the activity they are training for. Then there are those who understand the need for over development in both the simple structures as well as the more complex movement patterns.

What this all means is that although the squat isn’t a typical day to day movement for most of us (hence the difficulty some have adapting to it) it is a basic movement that we should all be capable of achieving providing we our lucky enough to enjoy good joint and bone health etc. so in my mind some exercises that aren’t functional per see but allow us to accelerate or improve our basic mechanical functions will also improve our adaptability to the more complex skills necessary for our day to day routines and challenges.


Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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Half-Foam Rollers Stretching – Derbyshire Fitness Holiday Retreat Review October 2016

half round roller stretching exerciseThis week at the FitFarms holiday retreat in Derbyshire we got to use some new equipment in our stretch classes. We got a delivery of half-foam rollers which took the stretch and mobility classes to a whole new level.

The stretch and mobility classes focus on movements that prevent injury and improve alignment. They compliment the higher intensity classes really nicely – stretching the muscles that have been working hard in classes like boxercise, aerobics, and circuit training. Sometimes we have them first thing in the morning to loosen you up for a day of exercise, and sometimes they are a welcome break in the middle of the day, to give you a rest in between long walks and more strenuous sessions.

The stretch sessions are also designed to educate you about how to take better care of your body. Just as the body needs to eat nutritious food to be healthy, it needs certain movements to be healthy, too. Exercises (like aerobics, running, cycling, yoga, etc.) provide some of these important movements but not all of them. What you learn in the stretch classes are the movement equivalent of taking a daily multivitamin. I show you movements that you can do at home to keep your joints and your tissues in better working order.

The half-foam rollers can be used for lots of different things in the classes. They are great for calf stretching, for example. Short calf muscles may lead to a host of foot, knee and even back issues, so working on calf length is really important. The foam rollers can be used to sit on to do stretches with better posture, protecting your lower back. They can even be used to stand on for improving balance, reducing your risk of falls and injury. All that from just a little piece of foam!

Don’t worry if you don’t have one at home, all of the exercises can be replicated using a rolled up towel or some cushions (and I always send out a handout to everyone after the course, to remind you of the exercises that we did in my classes). But I’m pretty sure that once you’ve done some stretches with these rollers they will be one of the first things on your list of equipment to get for yourself once you get home!

Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

Image Credit: FitnessGiant.com