FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 7

Stop wishing start doingWell, the Fitness Course at Dorset has just finished and guess what?????? I’m only flying straight to Spain to start my second week at the FitFarms Spain Course!!! Exciting or what, mainly because its one place I’ve never been……

I can honestly say, the journey to Bristol Airports was a funny one. Andy was leading, I was in the middle followed by Stephen in a Jeep that had a mind of its own when it wants to move or not!! Lost Stephen a few times but I thought he’s was just driving slow. That’s not saying we was driving fast but…… we did need to make our flight lol.

We got parked up on the airport car park as we checked in and handed our keys over before I made our was to departures. Exciting times ahead, I could feel it in my bones, or that may have been the cold as it was FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFREEZIN!!!!

Anyway, we made our way around as Stephen got the coffees in as a was gagging for one to be honest with how rushed we were to get from Dorset to Bristol Airport.

We were waiting for Georgia to meet us there as she was coming as part of the Fitness Team which by the way was Me, Andy, Georgia and Stephen to make sure the Spain Fitness Course ran smoothly.

All checked in ok and made our way to the Air Craft. Talk about a cattle market! Its was sooooooo busy but hey hoo I didn’t care as I was going to…… SPAIN!

Flight went well, was taking loads of pics out off the window and took quite a few pics of the Alps which but the way looked gorgeous as Stephen was messing about on his BlackBerry on my right and Andy making beautiful music NOT to my left. Yes, I was squashed in the middle he he.

One the other side of the plane there was lovely Georgia sat with some very strange men. But, she was only listening to her music with her eyes closed so she says, yeah, whatever she’s was a kip but, I’ve never seen someone hold on to their Laptop as tight as she did. True talent. Well done cocka

I was warned my Andy that the landing is sometimes hard and he’s wasn’t joking! My backside came through my mouth, talk about a hard landing….

Anyhow, we got to Spain in one peace and started to head out to collect our rental cars. But first, we needed food!!!! Stephen pottered always to sort the cars out and we had a little mooch around.

Cars sorted so that mean one thing, lets get to the FitFarms Spain Villa YEAHHHHHHH…..

I’m not going in to this but……. Stephens driving in a different country is truly a eye opener that’s all I will say but, it did get A BIT better… Not much, But a bit he he he.

We needed dinner so we stopped off at the harbour and walked to a lovely Cafe where we had out food outside. I had a beautiful bit of Lamb in a way I’ve never had before and a coffee that hit the spot just where I needed it…..

We had been given the news that we couldn’t get in to the villa until Saturday morning so Stephen booked us in to a really nice hotel. The view from my window was fantastic as I was right on the sea front. The sound of the sea coming on the beach was beautiful and as made even better at night, stunning.

That night, we all had a walk around and had a few Fitness Team Drinks (me coffee and fruit juice as I don’t drink) and lots of laughs and that’s when I really started to see myself as a part of the FitFarms Fitness Team and it was a great feeling. Loved it.

Me and Georgia went back to the hotel as we were soooooo tired as the to lads had a few more drinks before they headed back to the hotel.

Next morning I looked out of the window and saw Georgia sat reading her book in the sun and the sea front. The Lads where meant to meat outside at a certain time I,e 9am but guess what……. no sign of them so, I said I’m just gonna pop up and see how they are. There were both dead on their beds, Andy still fully clothed and Stephen well, all I could see was his bald head sticking out from the covers. A lovely sight I must say he he…..

It was time to get the show on the road and get to the Spain Course venue for the Fitness Camp Week.

I was feeling so excited about the week and seeing what guests we have arriving later that day.

Lets see what the day holds…..


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FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat March 2017 Review – 1

jason photoWell, its my first week working for the FitFarms weight loss retreat in Dorset and I can honestly say, I’m a little nervous and I’m really not sure what to expect. Yes, I’ve done this type of work for years, but, its something new and all……

Its the first time I’ve come to Dorset, I’ve travelled throughout the country but, never here and it BEAUTIFUL!

Well, I got there and I hadn’t got a clue where to go so I wont lie, the butterflies in the tummy were a little busy hehehe.

I saw the fitness camp team park up next to me and straight away, my nerves had gone, work mode kicked. The fitness team were great and I instantly felt right at home, or shall I say on a holiday camp or even a holiday…..

I soon got stuck in moving chairs from the fitness studio which was on the other side of the holiday complex to where we were setting up. After all that, I got my stuff together and moved to all the my room which I was surprised as the room was lovely, plus I had a double bed all to myself.

After sorting my stuff out, I helped one of the fitness team out putting all the fitness folders together for when the guests arrived later on in the afternoon.

Guests all started to arrive which meant one thing, work time and begun and I was really excited because I knew I was going to bring something new to the fitness course.

All the guests were really nice and I thought to myself why was i worrying as all this second natural to me.

The week went really well, I brought a breath of fresh air to the fitness camp through my personality and all my classes. Shown them all how fun aerobics can be fun and to be enjoyed which all the Weight Loss camp did so I was sooooo pleased and proud of everyone as its something different and a lot of people there hadn’t done anything like this before, I mean a mad head instructor like me he he.

I also did all the massage treatments on the fitness course for the guests which went down a storm. Most if not everyone wanted my hands more than once and I spotted and sorted most of the problems the guests had either from before the fitness course or during as the exercise was new for some so, a lot of sore muscles to soothe. As well as sorting their bodies out, I also educated them on what was happening to their bodies and giving them the knowledge of how to keep them injury from stretching etc.

It was a hard week but it was all worth it as I loved every minute of the fitness course from teaching, the guests, the fitness team and also doing my massage work. I had such a great time and as soon as this course is finished here in beautiful Dorset, I’m flying straight the next fitness boot camp course in Spain.

Hopefully, FitFarms will want me to do more, more and more work for them as I can see that I have lots to off the fitness course.


FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 6

spain fitfarms march 2017Thursday at FitFarms Spain was great day because of the great mix of exercise. Today was also the day when we did the port rock face walk which out of all the walks has the best views.

First up at 7.30 AM is body combat with our new super trainer Jason. There were kicks and punches whilst are 16 ladies and 1 man became very physical by poolside. Jason has a dance background so every now and again he would take the group in and out of a little dance just to mix things up.

When body fat had finished we all went into Bob’s breakfast. I would like to say a great thank you to Bob because every meal we have had a great tasting sensation. He really does make healthy food exciting and fun!

Then it’s the walk. Some people have not been looking forward to it because there is a steep hill at the beginning and this really lifts the heart rate and makes muscles fatigue quite quickly. We leave the villa at 9:15 AM and make our way down to the port through the quiet market streets of Javea.

Once at the port we meet Stephen (me) who tops everyone up with water before they tackle the hill. We always give options at FitFarms making every task that we do during the day manageable but also challenging. I must say I was surprised when the options were given and everyone said yes I want to do the hill. There was one lady who ummed a little bit but then said yes I’m here for the challenge. She had a minor knee problem a few years ago so was a little concerned that she may start but could not finish. When re-assured that a safety vehicle will be driving up and down the hill she became more confident. We forgot to mention it was me driving the safety vehicle so there was actually even more chance of injury now!

One group made it all the way to the top which is fantastic. The others were picked up when they reached their limits which is their own individual finish points. However the lady who ummed at the beginning went to the top which was simply amazing. It just goes to show what you can do when you start and it’s usually the not starting which is the major hold back when gauging individual success. Well done Tina the views and you were breathtaking!

When we arrived back at the villa it was lunch time and once again Bob did us proud. Mixed Paella which consist of chicken, fish, vegetables and rice that is cooked in chicken stock. Very tasty!

The afternoon was action packed full of exercise sessions and a programmes workshop showing people how to devise their own programmes.

It was a great day had by all and the guests are asking questions about tomorrow which is a great sign as they are being keen and interested ‎in exercise and nutrition. Lifestyles are changing before our eyes!

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp March 2017 Review – 5

This week our FitFarms retreat was held in the heart of Jeava situation in Spain. The weight loss retreat ran from Saturday to Saturday with days starting from 7:30 am until 8 pm. The retreat offered constant sunshine for guests to workout in and kept everyone in high spirits whilst they were put through their paces. The classes delivered during the course featured Aqua aerobics in the private outdoor pool as well as stretch and mobility classes, boxing, Zumba, aerobics, dance, core sessions, legs bums and tums and finally Tabatha and lots of circuits and high intensity interval training workouts. Alongside this varied timetable we were also able to provide and deliver various walks including costal, beach and simple but scenic walks. Our retreat offers something for everyone and every ability so you don’t need to worry about ‘being fit enough’

Our courses are ran in a way to encourage and motivate all clients to do their best and to enjoy the experience. To ensure this we offer everyone a massage mid week to help you recover and relax during your time with us. Each week guests find themselves in the same boat as others on the course which again helps people to push each other and achieve in making positive changes to there current lifestyle.

If you fancy a kick start, a healthy week away, a week to get back on track with exercise and nutrition or to simply lose a few pounds ready for the summer then contact us today and book your place for 2017 and get that health kick you want and deserve.

Call today! Limited 2017 spaces available

Book your Fitness Holiday in 2017 at FitFarms Derbyshire

derbyshire-location-1Derbyshire is a fantastic place to kick start healthy living, thanks to the beautiful country which allows you to explore via hikes, walks, runs and cycle rides. Our FitFarms UK weight loss retreat specialises in nutrition and exercise and how to maintain healthy eating once you have left the retreat. The weight loss retreat in derby doesn’t follow a bootcamp style but instead supports the holistic approach and helps to re-enforce balance and healthy living.

The Derby FitFarms retreat is located in Matlock which is surrounded by woodland and stunning countryside. During the course you will venture out on at least two scenic walks allowing you to see the sites of Derbyshire. The week also features off site activities including Badminton, swimming and cycling. The uk weight loss retreat provides not only off site activities but also a range of aerobic, resistance, hiit and boxing classes but lets not forget about the range of yoga and stretch classes also available to you ( which you will need!)

FitFarms aim to provide and cater for all abilities and levels of fitness, in order to help everyone through every class without fail. If you need extra guidance or support the fitness team is on hand to help 24/7…Our mission is to help you to achieve and to get everything you want and deserve from the course.

In order for us to provide you with the tools to kickstart your healthy eating we deliver two nutritional workshops which will finally answer all those ‘food questions’ you’ve always wondered about. Not only do we provide all of the nutritional information you need to know to help you succeed but we also provide habit change workshops and cookery lessons to help you really understand and achieve in making better choices and knowing how to adapt or change habits.

DerbyshireFitFarms Derbyshire is a popular retreat, the courses offered here includes mixed courses and family courses and allows clients to chose from 2-7 night stays. Many people visit the derby retreat for the 2 day (weekend course) as a kickstart and others book onto the full course allowing them to trial all exercise classes, activites and walks as well as the varied workshops which is exactly what some client need.

If you want push, a new start, a kickstart, a reboot, an education on nutrition and a holistic way into exercise then FitFarms is for you!

Book onto a course for 2017 today!

Locations include:
- Derby
- Dorset
- Devon
- Spain
- Worcester
And finally London

See you soon,

FitFarms Team

FitFarms Spain Fitness Camp Review March 2017 – Part 1

Spain Location 1FitFarms Spain ‎is starting today in Javea which is based in the Costa Blanca region. The region is famous for white sands and a sunny climate so it is always one of the most popular fitness camps with guests and the FitFarms Health Team.

The team this week consists of Georgia the aerobics queen, Jason the physiotherapist and dance specialist, Andy the health manager and master kettlebell coach, Robert the health chef and Stephen who is in charge of logistics!

FitFarms spain 2017This FitFarms Spain course has followed the Dorset weight loss retreat so at 6am this morning everyone jumped out of bed busying themselves. We left at 8am destination Bristol airport! Andy was the leading car and with a few creative turns we arrived on time at the airport for check in.

Ryan air is the airline of choice! We’ve all been weighed, measured, scanned and ‎are now sitting on the plane writing blogs.

The flight consists of the typical Benidorm parties with hats and stag / hen party t shirts. The villa where we run the Spain fitness holiday is a far throw from the commercial night life of Benidorm as we are based in a historic fishing port at the base of a national park mountain range.

When we land it will be all about preparing for the guests arrival flying in the next day to Alicante airport. ‎As like most of the FitFarms Fitness camp programmes guests arrive feeling nervous and apprehensive so the team are there to comfort them and put them at ease so they make the very most of their time at the fitness holiday.

We make it as easy as possible to join us so we have two pick ups from Alicante airport being1pm and 7pm. Then there is around an hour drive to the typical Mediterranean villa in Javea.

FitFarms Spain Classic Mixed Course Review March 2017

FitFarms spain 2017 2The first day of FitFarms Spain fitness camp started today with the health team practising Tai Chi on the beach this was followed up by healthy ‎omelette breakfast.

Once breakfast finished the risk assessment on the first walk started. Javea port walk which is probably the most challenging out of all the hikes is simply magnificent. We enter from the port and go straight into a long steep hill that ends at a spectacular view point. The team take in the views and then set off in a circular walk through the montgo mountain range eventually ending back at the port. The walk is signed off by Georgia the health and safety officer as risk free with stunning scenery!

The time hits 11.30am and it’s time to make the first trip to the airport to meet guests at 1pm. The traffic was free flowing all the way and we hit the airport dead on 1pm to meet the first group of guests. The group look a little nervous but extremely excited and are already making friends with each other.

There’s a few guests arriving in an hour so one person waits in a second car to meet and greet. Here at FitFarms we try to be accommodating as possible so we also do one trip into the centre of Alicante to receive a guest from the train station who has travelled from Barcelona. Thank you goes out to Bryan who sat in the front giving perfect directions getting us there swiftly and on time!

The conversation is free flowing as we drive west towards the FitFarms fitness camp villa and one hour later the FitFarms mentors are showing the guests their rooms.

Ninety minutes later and it’s back down the motorway to meet the second group of guests. There’s a late arrival from London Luton due to a delay so a little bit of waiting this time but once we are all together its back to the car for the last journey.

We enter the FitFarms Villa at 9.30pm greeted by Jason the physiotherapist and dance specialist who with the help of Georgia settles the guests into their rooms. The chef has prepared chicken with roasted Mediterranean Vegetables which was a rainbow of colours with a delightful taste.

FitFarms February Derbyshire Mixed Courses Review

Create Healthy HabitsFitFarms weight loss retreat have hosted a mixed course for families this week in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. We are a fitness based holiday escape offering a wide variety of activities, including plenty of opportunity to get out into the fresh air and see some of what the surrounding countryside has to offer.

The structure of our courses really allows you to focus all of your attention back onto yourself by removing the stress of organising your daily schedule. All you need to do is show up and give it your all!

Each day starts bright and early with our 7:30 am energising wake up workout, preparing your body with stretch and mobilisation techniques, waking up the muscles and the mind ready for the activities ahead. Breakfast is served daily at 8:30 am making up just one of your 3 healthy and nutritious meals, not forgetting 3 tasty snacks! All of our food is prepared by our amazing on site chef ensuring you are getting the correct nutrients and energy your body needs. The rest of the day is comprised of carefully selected activities and classes are tailored around the ability of both the group as a whole, and as individuals so no matter your level of fitness, you can be confident that every single exercise and movement can be adapted to your own personal level.

This week kicked off with a somewhat chilly start after a thick layering of snow at the weekend, however the group were fantastically positive, got themselves layered up and even braved the cold for a particularly idyllic local walk. The fitness studio housed a huge selection of exercise this week from aerobics, boxing, circuits, mobilisation, kettlebells, interval training and the aptly named “Sweaty Betty” which every single person completed with exceptional determination and effort. All of our classes begin with instructional tutorials at a basic level so you can start with confidence even if you’ve never tried something before. We ventured off site this week with every person completing an impressive 6 mile walk boasting fantastic views of the Chatsworth estate. We took another shorter walk down to the Matlock leisure centre where the group got involved in some team work on the badminton courts before finishing up with a swim before dinner, and everyone embraced and supported one another with the cycle ride along the canal path ending the week with some great humour.

The week is structured with many important components, not just exercise alone, and we understand that there are sometimes far greater obstacles along the fitness journey so hold workshops throughout for habit change, understanding the different types of fitness, designing your own workouts and small group mentor sessions. There is an extensive nutrition workshop, carried on over two days that we guarantee will open your eyes to a completely different mindset surrounding food, accompanied by a cooking demonstration and workshop from the chef ensuring you will return home armed with a greater understanding and recipe pack ready to get back in control!

We have had a fantastically successful week and it has been incredibly rewarding to see people of all fitness levels, abilities and ages come together and support each other on the start of their journeys. It has been amazing to see every single one of them leaving both physically and mentally stronger with an excellent new support network in place and we all wish them the very very best of luck!!

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FitFarms Derbyshire 10th February to 17th February Review

do-not-make-it-your-goal-to-be-fit-make-it-your-goal-to-be-disciplined-and-being-fit-will-followThis Derbyshire weight loss retreat kicked off with not only snow but also a huge amount of energy, drive and motivation! The clients arrived Friday which was followed by another 7 days of clean eating and over 6 hours of exercise per day.

The first two days clients were weighed measured and told their body fat so we can use this information to compare on the final day. These measurements are taken on the first morning followed by breakfast and 2 hours of ‘intro to exercise’ which is a class allowing everyone to work on there fitness level and for the instructors to give alternative exercises to those that need it. In the class we go through all of the basic and beneficial exercises which help weight loss and mobility on an everyday basis.

Monday to Thursday is a challenging few days including boxing, salsa, high intensity interval training, tough walks in the snow, legs bums and tums , yoga and finally resistance training. The daily routine starts from 7:30 AM until 7 PM. Everyday is full of back to back classes/activities three nutritional and tasty meals as well as 3 snacks to keep you going throughout the day. On the course we provide two nutrition workshops which will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to change your eating patterns and habits. When it comes to food it’s all about making the choice and to enjoy eating in a healthier way.

The UK Derby weight loss retreat provides constant support during the week and provides one to one sessions to allow individuals to get as much out of the course as they need and deserve. The retreat focuses on life change and helping people to maintain an active happy and healthy lifestyle. The Derby retreat includes habit change workshops, fitness workshops, program workshops and even cookery workshops. Overall we provide all the essentials for you to make that change and to leave us excited to put into place the lifestyle you’ve always wanted but never quite knew how to achieve or maintain.

2017 has begun and if you want to make a change to your lifestyle or to the whole families way of eating and levels of physical activity then contact us today and book onto a course. Limited spaces available!

See You Soon!

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FitFarms Review: Dorset Weight Loss Retreat Feb 2017

this-is-the-beginning-of-anything-you-want-quoteThis year we have already put our first group though a challenging week full of exercise, healthy eating and forward thinking.

Our Dorset UK weight loss retreat is set in the perfect location allowing you to focus and embrace the countryside. The week is for our guests to push themselves, find themselves and to really get what they want out of the course. We provide the workshops the exercise and the support that you seek, to help you walk away with the mind set and healthy lifestyle you want.

The FitFarms team hold courses ranging from 2 nights to 7 nights, typically you would arrive on the Friday and leave on the following Friday giving you the time to submurse in aerobics, boxing, interval training, kettle-bells, Zumba, yoga, morning mobility classes as well as Salsa and swimming.

Our courses also feature 2-3 hour scenic countryside walks, off-road interval runs and use of the on-site spa. Our Dorset weight loss retreat includes use of a spa pool so in your free time you can make use of the pool and stay active!

We also offer aqua aerobics which is aimed at all ages and abilities as the instructor gives different levels of intensity to ensure everyone is working hard and challenging themselves.

Monday and Tuesday of the course you will be greeted by the nutritionist who will deliver a 2 hour workshop on the Monday as well as a part 2 workshop on the Tuesday based on everything you want and need to know about food and the truth about sugar!

Other beneficial workshops included in the 7 day course is the habit change and cookery workshop. An example day at FitFarms would consist of 5-6 hours of exercise as well as 2 hours of educational workshops.

Departure day involves measurements and a final group breakfast, our last course finished on a high with clients losing anything from 2-8 lbs in just a few days! Hard work and consistent eating patterns seemed to work for the whole group.

If you are looking for a healthier 2017 contact Stephen today and book onto a Fitfarms course ASAP limited places available.

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