FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat at Norfolk

Imagine 6 Months from NowWe are here at our new weight loss retreat in Norfolk this week. It’s a place called piggy bank barns near Fakenham and it’s a part of a working farm set back off a quiet country lane with a church at the end of the road, as you approach on private driveway there is a lovely little duck pond between the farm house and the barn conversions that we are calling home for the week. The weight loss retreat accommodation is rustic and homely. There is a function room we will be using for the exercise studio this week that is spacious with some beautiful views of the surrounding farm land and the whole site is so peaceful and relaxing all around us is calm and perfect for the course.

We are really looking forward to our weight loss retreat week at this venue and since arriving here we have only become more excited. It’s fantastic, lovely spacious rooms, secluded, picturesque views a large studio area. It really is an amazing place.

During the week we hope to deliver a course that ticks all the boxes but our main focus is on helping people understand the differences between a healthy lifestyle balance and decide for themselves what is the right amount of healthy.

We want it to be fun but informative life changing but manageable and we want the end of the week to feel like they could do it all over again.


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FitFarms Dorset Weight Loss Retreat Holiday Review – 1 Feb 2017

weight loss - 6 months from nowWell the weather is pretty wet this week at our FitFarms holistic weight loss camp in Dorset. It’s not getting us down thou, the clients are a fantastic group of women a total mix of ages and abilities, some couples, some families, some here with friends, and some by themselves.

The group has bonded so well and really quickly so this week has already been a success. There is something special about these weeks and how clients come together, support each other and achieve so much. There always appears to be a theme as well, each new week each new group of clients associate with each other and the stories they share and this develops into a theme either the questions that get asked or the classes, activities or workshops that are enjoyed the most, some groups like the more intensive sessions some the team games and workouts, for some it’s the nutrition (most actually) others the habit change but there always seems to be a theme or dynamic individual to every group of clients that comes together at one of our weight loss retreats.

I love that about this job, how every week is different, either the site, like our next course is the Derbyshire fitness retreat in Matlock and in a few months time it will be Javier in Spain, then there’s camping in Worcester to. Every course is a different mix of stories, strengths, weaknesses, characters and personalities.

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Derbyshire Fitness Camp Review October 2016

FitFarms Fitness Camp Derbyshire CottagesSo we are well into our week at the FitFarms fitness camp in the lovely Derbyshire countryside, the weather has been beautiful thou noticeably cooler which is getting Matthew the chef all excited for all things winter. I tend to think that this time of year is better for exercise, it’s beautiful and calm all around, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable measure so when our clients are exercising they can push themselves a little harder and exercise on a whole is more comfortable.

The holiday cottages that we use have such a beautiful and peaceful surrounding,there is a lake on Matlock site which is great for a short walk and the venue itself is coming to the end of a massive refurbishment and I must say it’s looking fantastic. This all adds to the clients experience. We have a lovely group of guests this week and they are all doing so well, we are pushing them in the classes and some of the clients have been faced with big changes and have responded really positively.

Our Derbyshire fitness camp is our longest running site, so we are well settled in our surroundings here and it helps add to the low stress approach we have as part of our weight loss retreat.

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Report – 29 March 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

This morning begins with our first wake up workout lead by Helen, bearing in mind a lot of our usual clients have either never participated in exercise or not participated for a long time; the morning after a day of around 6-8 hours of exercise may be a tender one. But never the less a full turn out for our first morning class is a good sign! It’s quite common that people are surprised at how much exercise they can do in one day and an even bigger surprise to them that they can then get up the next day sometimes stiff as a board and do the same again. Today we have further introductions to exercise including kettlebells core exercise, hiit training and some amazing core exercises that don’t require a single sit up we also have our first off site walk and and a workshop based on a balanced approach to health and exercise.

So another full day finished off with our second resistance work out and fueled by our lovely chef and her amazing food. By the end of today the guys and girls will have worked out for a total of 13 and a half hours over these past 2 days which is a massive achievement tomorrow will see the first of our nutrition workshops a cycle ride and lots more exercise but the group is stronger today than they were yesterday and I dare say will be stronger again tomorrow for all that they have achieved today.

A Massive well done for your work so far guys, a great effort by all!

Andy Baker

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Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – First Week 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy – First Week 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

It’s the start of a new year and we are beginning our first week of 2015 today, all the team have arrived on time despite the snow fall and darwin lakes; our venue for the first fit farms weight loss retreat of 2015 is all prepared and ready to receive the guests.

The Matlock venue has some amazing views of the good old British countryside most of the year round, but they are especially beautiful when covered in a pure white blanket of snow. Thou I’m sure Helen and Daniel two of our trainers would disagree. As always we begin our welcome talk at around 6pm, everyone has managed to arrive safe and sound and all are now settled in and ready to go, it feels like a good start to the week, we have a lovely group with some great characters, everyone has arrived safe and on time and whilst cold the weather is undeniably beautiful, again something that Helen and dan may share a different view on.

After the welcome talk the group head over to the studio for the first time, here they will have a light warm up and get to know each other a little better before heading back over for dinner. That is basically it for this evening, on the first night we like everyone to take the time to get to know each other and to get settled in their surroundings, it’s important for the good of the group that everyone has a positive start and feels at ease around those they will share their experience with.

Tomorrow will be the longest day of the week and the group are going to love it when it’s over, so for now we will let them rest! Good night all, sleep well and keep safe.

Andy Baker

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Spain Weight Loss Retreat Review by Lorraine

Here is another report from the holistic weight loss camp. Lorraine was given an anniversary present by her partner which is a 7 night stay at FitFarms.

She loved the variety of exercise and the nutrition and that FitFarms does not have a boot camp approach to exercise.

Lorraine explains she loves the fitness camp workshops and really liked the team that took her through the week.

Weight Loss Retreat Report – 17 January 2015

Weight Loss Retreat Report – 17 January 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So I should of mentioned it in yesterday’s report but Zu is back with us (it was just such a natural transition to have her back I forgot to mention it!! ) and today we are almost back to normal. The group are doing fantastically and loved Zu’s wake up workout and with a lovely warm breakfast out of the way courtesy of our wonderful to little chefs, they are prepared to brave the beautifully calm but cold weather to embark on the Tissington trail bike ride. It’s is a great outdoor activity exclusive to the Matlock course, the path is a foot and cycle path along the route of the old railway lines, which makes it perfectly safe for those wanting to rediscover riding a bike. It is also very scenic with some beautiful views across the Peak District so whether your walking or cycling, weather permitting it is a beautiful day out.

On their return they are greeted by dinner and the new arrivals who are are settled in and ready to start. Triple trouble this afternoon which will be a nice way to induct the newbies into the group and after a quick stretch it’s the first of the nutrition workshops before dinner and to finish the day a nice relaxing yoga class, so Mondays all in all are a pretty tough day, third day of exercise for some who have either never exercised or others who haven’t exercised for along time and involving some pretty full on classes, so the group deservedly so are ready for their beds tonight, Monday is typically known as a breakdown day.. The day where people reach such levels of fatigue that their emotions take over and sometimes their doubts start to take control, we have tears and tantrums and hugs and thank you’s sometimes people just want sometime to themselves, sometimes they want to be surrounded by their new found friends, either way Mondays can be just another step or a giant leap forward but either way it is an interesting, mentally and physically tough day.

If any of you guys or girls have been to FitFarms before how about you drop me a message or post on the Facebook site about how it felt for you? If you have never experienced the Monday madness with us then post a question to see if people can describe it to you, I think you’ll be quite intrigued by the different versions and experiences.

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How Further Can You Go? (Fitness Journal)

How Further Can You Go? (Fitness Journal)

Joining a Fitness Retreat Week? How Further Can You Go? This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we see our weekend ladies leave us and our mid weekers arrive, our 7 day ladies are starting to feel the fatigue of this past weekend and some for the first time missing home, probably made worse by the fact the ladies on the weekend course are leaving, always seems to bring on the homesick blues for some people.

None of this is particularly unusual infact it happens most weeks, to differing amounts but this is the first time we have had such a large group of 2 week clients and they are actually feeling pretty good for the most part! They all know that after today the days just seem to fly by and and with the help of the workshops to break the routine they can now see themselves on the home straight.

Whenever we set ourselves a physical challenge I.e a distance to run or walk, a mountain to climb or an event to compete in, the fact is it cannot be a physical challenge without it also being a mental one and if there is one thing that 2 weeks of exercise and a reduced calorific intake will do its challenge your will and determination, once you have exercised for anything more than you have done in the past or tried something new, essentially you have beaten the physical limit you had previously set yourself so the rest of it is mental, how much further do you want to go? How much further can you go?

Questions not of the body, but of the mind. That’s why Monday can be such a tough day, you have already completed 2 days of more exercise than you thought you possibly could, so your determination and drive is not so much. That’s why if you enjoy yourself you are typically capable of so much more because you want to carry on. If you don’t enjoy it….. Well you can not justify carrying on, you start to ask questions of why you need to etc and start looking for reasons not to.

For those of you lovely people out there who are considering something like FitFarms, my one piece of advice would be to tell yourself that whatever it takes you will complete the week because if you tell yourself you can’t but you’ll see or that you’ll just come and do what you can or even that you should be able to do it all without too much issue then the chances are.. Monday will not be a pleasant day, on a lighter note I do hope to meet some of you on one of our courses and I hope it is as useful to you as it has been to others and maybe if we do meet you can tell me if I was right or wrong in my portrayal of the course.

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more (FitFarms Journal)

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more (FitFarms Journal)

Cardio Kick, Martial Arts, Dancing Exercise and more at FitFarms retreat course. This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we begin with Ian’s cardio kick class, a mixture of martial arts movements kicks, punches, blocks etc choreographed to the beat of some good old style dance music, Ian does love to throw some classic tunes in there and mix it up a little. It’s a great way to start the day because it has everything from some bouncing tracks to a bouncing instructor with a really good vibe thrown in the middle and a rush of energy before breakfast from all that blood pumping around the body.

After breakfast it’s time for today’s walk and whilst the weather isn’t at its best it’s certainly not enough to stop the troops so off they pop for what I think is one of the most scenic walks of the week… Even thou I never get to go on it :-(… I instead am staying here to welcome the mid week arrivals.

Once the arrivals are all settled in it will be time for dinner and then chance for the newbies to get acquainted with the rest of the group, after this it is triple trouble time for half the group and the first of 2 very informative nutrition workshops for the other half. The nutrition workshops are 8 hours spread over 2 days of useful and useable information, relating not to the ideal way to eat healthy and lose weight but a realistic way, giving out information a plenty about why you should avoid certain foods or what foods are a better alternative but also reassuring you with science and sense that some foods whilst not the best choice are better than nothing or ok in small amounts and reminding you that balance is the key. The workshops are built around the idea that we are dealing with a group of individuals so the there is plenty of room for questions etc. today will be topped off with a yoga session from a brilliant local instructor and it’s a great way to end the day, it still counts as resistance, it helps the body relax and de-stress and it is different to any of our other classes so far, tomorrow will be the mid weekers first full day so with them luck and if you can spare a moment leave a message of encouragement on our Facebook site.

Arthritis and Exercise

Arthritis and Exercise

We tend to associate arthritis with old age, but is that correct. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, it can be just one joint or any number of joints. In the UK arthritis is the main cause of disability from painful swelling in the joint that can cause stiffness. There are, of course, different types of arthritis, but the two main types we will consider are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is usually known as the wear and tear one. As the name suggests it develops in joints where excessive use has been the case. Rheumatoid arthritis can develop at any age, and it is the result of the body’s immune system attacking the tissues. Fatigue is also a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis.

When you suffer from arthritis it is still important to keep active. However, it’s also important to discover the correct form of exercise and level of activity. Good fitness programmes should consist of range of movement, strengthening, and aerobic exercises. Examples of movement exercise is swimming, Tai chi, and Pilates. As you can see these are considered low impact activities. Strengthening exercises help to build up muscles around the joint to support the area. Aerobics strengthens the heart muscles. Suitable examples of aerobic exercise is walking briskly, tennis, and cycling.

Regular exercise will help to maintain a suitable weight for your height, thus reducing the symptoms of arthritis. For both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis moderate exercise is much more beneficial than a more demanding one, as excess exercise can put even more stress on the joints.

There are exercises to avoid if you suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. These activities tend to be classed as high impact exercise, and they are running or jogging, using a skipping rope, and high impact aerobics. In short, any activity where both feet leave the ground at the same time. Of course, that leaves a wide range of activity available to try.

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