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Weight loss and fitness retreat chocolate pots

b42d938e-b251-4d52-94e0-a3364a3aa88dThis recipe is high in protein and a great alternative for the heavy chocolate deserts which you find in restaurants.

Serves 4 people


Weight loss and fitness retreat healthy ingredients 

250 ml of full fat greek yoghurt

2 tbsp good quality peanut butter

1 bar of 80% chocolate

pinch of rock salt

16 raspberries

1 teaspoon of honey

4 tbsps of ground nut seed



Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl of heated water.

Put all the ingredients into a mixer bowl and blend together.

Place in small pots, add 4 raspberries per pot and sprinkle ground nut seed on the top

FitFarms Norfolk Weight Loss Fitness Retreat

norfolkI’m not sure why FitFarms Norfolk weight loss and fitness retreat has become so popular but once again we seem to be fully booked on the Norfolk weight loss and lifestyle retreat. Everyone loves the four poster bed or sleigh style accommodation with views over the stunning farmland scenery. Some say it has a great advantage over our other sites because of the ball room style workout area with double doors that open up onto a pretty farm style courtyard. The grounds that surround the accommodation are also in immaculate condition with a well crafted man-made pond. We also have the added advantage being so close to the beach which enables us to carry out beach walks and workouts.

This week has started off in the usual FitFarms fitness retreat positive manner with everyone showing extreme interest in the health assessments and with an eagerness to learn with lots of great questions. We’ve recently changed the way we assess our guests health as before we used body fat callipers which seemed a tiny bit intrusive especially at 7am in the morning. Now we’ve found some accurate wellbeing scales so we can test for mass muscle, body fat percentage, visceral fat, total body water, bone mass, basic metabolic rate, metabolic age to name but a few. It’s great to see the differences between the beginning and the end of the courses and the dramatic changes are a great motivation for the FitFarms customers.

The first day is all on site so after the nutritious dense breakfast there was Resistance for an hour followed by a short break and then back into the exercise area for Aerobics. Then came lunch which was a chicken pearl barley risotto. In the afternoon we enter kettlebells, pilates, a well deserved Dinner and finally completing with a Stretch session.


FitFarms Weight Loss Boot Camp Chocolate Mousse

chocolatemousse123Recipe for chocolate mousse which is high in protein and healthy fat and served at FitFarms holistic weight loss boot camp.

Serves 4 people


500 ml of Greek full fat yoghurt.

Make sure not to go for fat free or low fat. When the fat is processed out it loses it’s nutritional value plus unhealthy additives and sugars are added!

2 Bananas (high in potassium, protein and dietary fiber) Potassium is good because it lowers blood pressure and is one of the 9 key minerals. 

1 Avocado (good healthy fat)

3 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (high in protein) Don’t get the cheap ones because they will be high is sugar, salt and stabiliser. The good ones to go for are Whole Earth or Meridian.

100 grams of Chocolate (check the ingredients on the back and make sure it is 70% cacao)




Melt the chocolate by placing it in a glass bowl over boiling water.

Then put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl blend together.

Place in a glass bowl and grate dark chocolate on the top.


Spain Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Camp

It’s always more of a fun experience for customers and the team when we run our weight loss and fitness retreats in Spain and this one wasn’t any different. This course was an easier one for the fitness team because the clients were really up for every task they were given.
The Spain course starts on the Saturday and there were two airport collections one at 1pm and the other at 8pm. Unfortunately one of the girls was delayed due to her flight so the 8pm collection turned into a 9.30pm. Thank you goes out to those who patiently waited at the airport.
The team on this week included Louise teaching all things HIIT, Mimi aerobics including aqua, Janna instructing yoga, Diana on the urban and classic dance and myself bringing up the rear in the Kitchen plus driving.
Over the years there always seems to be an event when I’m on site and this week it was time to get the car stuck in the sand on the beach. Driving through soft sand in a road vehicle was never going to have a good ending but thankfully there was a 4 x 4 to pull the sand drenched vehicle onto hard ground.
Some of the days were extremely hot but it didn’t stop the guests and team putting in a 100% effort. This showed at the end of the week when the results came in with large body fat percentage drops and a weight loss of almost a stone by our only man on the course the lovely Bryan.
Thank you everyone for a fabulous week and best of luck with your new healthier lifestyles at home.